MANILA, MAY 8, 2007 (STAR) By Carla Paras-Sison - Since 1968, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) has prided itself with leading the regionís socio-economic transformation by offering unique educational opportunities and cross-cultural experiences to citizens from developing and developed economies worldwide.

In recognition of its pioneering initiative, the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation in 1995 cited the AIM for "setting region-wide standards for excellence and training Asian managers for Asiaís development".

Over 24,000 students from 30 Asian countries and 33 nations from other regions have completed graduate studies and executive education programs at AIM.

Milo Alejo, who graduated at the top of the 2007 Master of Business Administration class at AIMís W.SyCip Graduate School of Business (WSGSB), is en route to a $115,000 a year job at Infosys Consulting, Inc. (ICI). Alejo performed his summer internship with ICIís mother company, Infosys Technologies Limited Inc. in Bangalore, India.

He bested several applicants for the said internship program, and this paved the way for his interview with ICI. After his exchange program with University of Pennsylvaniaís Wharton Business School in May 2007, Milo will join ICI as a case leader and will be based in Boston, Massachusetts starting July 2007.

"Getting an MBA degree opened a lot of opportunities, which are exciting as well as challenging," says Alejo. "With AIMís specialty on how the different Asian business systems work and how they interact with the rest of the world, I have differentiated myself from other MBAís even those coming from the US and Europe. This differentiation has made me and AIM alumni very relevant in todayís globally competitive businesses."

According to WSGSB associate dean Ricardo Lim, "AIM offers a unique Asian approach to developing professional managers. Students are continually exposed to relevant situations drawn from the experiences of organizations in Asia through case method learning and hands-on field preparation."

"Before entering AIM, my objectives were to boost my career, expand my network and learn management skills. I got much more than what I hoped for. In my two years of stay, I have traveled to two different countries, visited various companies, attended numerous seminars and conferences, and met with reputable individuals. Some of my friends had equally exciting opportunities. AIM prepared me mentally for the challenges of a globally competitive job market. They say AIM is a management boot camp, which I think is true and well worth the investment," explains Alejo.

Aware of the benefits of balancing good education and a fulfilling career, the WSGSB placement office actively seeks the best possible job opportunities for its students. "The implementation of the placement strategy started two years ago and results have been very encouraging. Much work is still left to be done but AIM expects to see more companies flocking at AIMís doorstep," says Lim.

Alejo advises professionals considering graduate studies, "Donít hesitate to take risks. This is one investment whose returns are definite. I have seen friends moving to different industries and getting the best jobs in Asia. The worldís eyes are on Asia, you should grab every opportunity to be part of its growth. "

AIM aims to be a center of excellence where builders of Asian societies network to shape their progressive common future.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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