MANILA, January 4, 2005 (STAR) SPY BIZ By S.A. Maguire  - S.A. had informal meetings with seers and analysts on the last week of December to provide readers a preview of the New Year.

Unanimously, they all agree that 2005, the Year of the Rooster, will be better than 2004. It is a classic case of the mystic and the scientist finding the same truth at the mountaintop through different paths.

Western-style prediction

In an exclusive interview, Henry Palacios – the country’s leading astrologer – said in general that the second half of the year will be much better. Philippine recovery really starts in 2006 so we should consider 2005 as the build up to that. Fashion, beauty products, spas, perfumes, jewelry, even cars, or anything that enhances beauty and appearances will flourish in 2005. Things like high fashion that are of very high aesthetic value will boom as a result of Jupiter transiting Libra. There are restrictions, however, because Cancer is in Saturn, the planet of discipline. This explains the extreme violence of nature and deaths in the past few months.

The President with her sun sign in Aries and her moon sign in Libra will generally have a good year. He sees a détente forged by the Administration and the Opposition toward the middle of the year. In terms of short-term political developments, the cycle between now and the first two weeks of January show conflicts. There will be a challenge to the Administration but it won’t be a serious effort to unseat the President. It will merely be half-hearted destabilization from some sectors. This could be an offshoot of the FPJ burial. But this will dissipate in one to two weeks. He is certain that the President will be here to stay for the next few years.

In terms of the economy, there could also be a controversy over the markets and a scandal for a private financial institution that could happen around the end of June. This can have an adverse effect on the economy. There is also a great possibility of a fund-malversation scandal involving a government official. According to him, the danger signs for 2005 are extreme violence. For the movie industry, he sees that there might be deaths or a scandal involving a veteran around September. Librans will be lucky until September to October. Taurus, Leo, Cancer, and Aries might not fare very well this year. Finally, Libra in the 11th House of the Philippine chart confirms that the services sectors will boom.

Eastern-style prediction

A Chinese seer, who also happens to be leading scholar of Chinese esoteric matters, said there could be more conflicts for the Philippines in the Year of the Wood Rooster. But in general again, he sees that this will be a better year than 2004. There will be less natural calamities this year. With the Green Rooster Year starting on Feb. 9, the water-based and service industry will boom. Expect the stock market, real estate, and the construction industry to rise once again. The country will really start to recover in 2006 but big changes will have to be done by our government. In the light of recent destabilization attempts, he sees GMA making it to the end of 2005 even if there is a slight possibility of another Oakwood mutiny.

This year will be easier for her than last year with improved peace and order situation. He said that an agreement could be reached in the Mindanao peace talks so terrorism could be checked. This will improve the tourism industry and attract foreign investors. He stressed that the AFP and the PNP should be under strong hands otherwise political instability will turn off investors. In addition, Government has to address high electricity and petroleum costs if we don’t want to see investors flocking to China. There still are bright aspects for the film and TV industries especially for the young actors but subsidies from the government will be needed. He pointed out that the danger sign to look out for is high unemployment. He advised that the lucky colors for the year are green, silver, and gold. For some reason, Roosters won’t be so lucky this year. The lucky ones will be those born in the years of the Tiger, the Ox, and the Dragon. He clarified that even if a person is lucky for the year, a person’s destiny is more important. He concluded that people can change their destiny for the better by doing more charity work.

So now you’ve heard it from the mystics. In the next issue, let’s listen to what the political and business risk analysts – the so-called scientists – have to say. From where things stand, it certainly looks like a year to crow about.

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