MANILA,  February 24, 2004 (STAR) NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL By Margaret Jao-Grey - The country’s economy will rise or fall with the next President who will be elected in May 2004 and of the new Bangko Sentral governor who will be appointed in August 2005.

According to geomancer or feng shui practitioner Victor Dy, whether or not the nose of the President (as political head of the country) and the governor (as the chief regulator of the monetary system) is thick or thin is of utmost importance.

You see, a thick or fleshy nose means the country will be able to save for the proverbial rainy day while a thin nose means the country will have a hard time making ends meet.

Mind you, the thickness or thinness of the nose has nothing to do with whether or not the shape of the nose is Pilipino, Chinese, or Spanish.

Okay, okay, so a lot of people – including JG Summit Holdings founder John Gokongwei Jr. (by choice) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates (by ignorance) – don’t believe the stuff and have prospered (but, maybe, that’s because they have fleshy noses).

Mr. Dy will speak on business feng shui at the Philippine Business Fair 2004 this weekend at SM Megamall. Just for the fun of it, here are some of Mr. Dy’s guidelines.

• Don’t place a desk in line with the door – if this can’t be help, place your receptionist there;

• Make sure your office door isn’t in line with the washroom door whatever fortune the door brings in will go straight to the toilet;

• Don’t place your desk along the wall of the door – because people come and go through the door, having a desk along the wall of the door wouldn’t be conducive to careful thinking;

• Having a window behind the desk is a no-no – you see, there’s no solid backing for the person using the desk and no protection against all those outside-the-building influences such as electric poles and pointed objects (to block the bad feng shui, just put blinds or curtains).

• Equally disastrous is angling the desk to the wall – because chi or energy is lost from the corner, this position will result in lack of support from one’s boss, peers, and subordinates.

• Don’t place a door behind a desk – because the sitter can’t see who’s coming in (and, consequently, doesn’t know what is happening around him), this may result in the sitter taking the blame for the wrong-doing of a subordinate;

• Placing a desk under strong light will make the sitter hot-tempered;

• Placing a desk under a beam will affect the sitter’s efficiency, largely because the workload weighs down on him;

• Make it a point to find out what exactly is above your desk on the next floor – if the desk is directly above a toilet bowl, the sitter’s positive energy will be adversely affected every time the toilet is flushed. Now, a desk directly under the water tank or reservoir of the building isn’t a good thing too because it could deter the growth of one’s career.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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