MANILA, January 20, 2004 (STAR) Experience authentic Chinese New Year revelry at Festival Supermall in Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang as it celebrates the Chinese Year of the Monkey with Festivus, a showcase of Chinese cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

The revelry begins on Chinese New Year’s Day, Jan. 22, 1 p.m., with the traditional dragon dance for a prosperous year. The annual lion and dragon dance competition by LF Fireworks promises to be a colorful Oriental dance spectacle on Jan. 25, 1 p.m., also at the Carousel Court.

Authentic Chinese porcelain pieces reflecting superior craftsmanship from the province of Jingdezhen are on sale at the Chinaware Fair at Via Moda, level 2, until Jan. 19.

Meanwhile, various Chinese gift items and décor pieces are available at the Mandarin Festival Chinese Exhibit at the Carousel Court until Jan. 25.

And to ensure that you’ll have the best of chi (luck) this Chinese Year of the Monkey, Festival Supermall offers these basic feng shui tips, besides wearing new clothes in red and gold, the traditional lucky colors for happiness and prosperity:

• Everything has its place.

Put your family photographs in the east. Hang a wind chime in the north to get your career flowing. Think in pairs in the southwest, i.e., two candlesticks, a photo of you and your mate or two pictures hanging side by side. Place a lucky jade plant in the southeast as your symbolic money tree.

Candles are great in the south to illuminate fame and reputation. Awards and achievements can be placed here, too. Display children’s artworks in the west. Hang college diplomas and academic honors in the northeast. Place symbols of heavenly support, like angels, in the northwest.

• Just do it!

Take off your shoes at the door and honor your sacred space. No mail on counter tops. Have a place for your car keys. Like always, keep toilet lids down and bathroom doors closed.

If it is broken, fix it! Do an art and book survey and make sure you surround yourself with positive titles going into your subconscious. Make sure hallways are free from impediments like clutter on the floor.

• Sleep tight.

When positioning your bed, sleep with your head against a solid wall. Have two matching bedside tables and two matching lamps in bedrooms of adults for balance and equality between the couple. Do not have items with water, like fountains or aquariums, in a bedroom. They can contribute to loss of prosperity.

Keep the TV out of an adult’s bedroom. Think romance, sanctuary and rest. Remove or cover any mirrors in a bedroom. When choosing colors, aim for balance. A bright red bedroom is too yang. Think in soft tones.

• Think balance

Again, think balance or yin and yang when decorating. Find a happy middle with light and dark, heavy and light objects, throughout your space. Make sure that it is neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Do not make your TV an altar by enclosing it. This allows the family to focus on communication. Wood cabinets and healthy plants are always great in a kitchen. When placing furniture, a circular or octagonal shape is best so communication can circulate and flow freely.

And remember, children and pets are great chi enhancers in the home.

Festival Supermall is the largest shopping, dining and entertainment complex in southern Metro Manila with over 550 specialty stores and restaurants.

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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