CAVITE, CITY, January 14, 2004 (STAR) Have you ever longed for the luxurious feeling of living in the subdivision of your imagination? Have you ever dreamt of a place to call home that’s surrounded by breathtaking views?

That place is CrestaGrande in Cavite.

A subdivision project of Cala Paniman Inc., CrestaGrande offers a portfolio of stunning and, undoubtedly, the only genuine seaside lots in the market where you can have your home designed and built according to your taste and requirements and, of course, to what your heart desires.

CrestaGrande is everything a well-priced deal could possibly be as it boasts of having the lowest price per square meter in the market.

It is really no mystery as to what makes the place grand.

From Manila, CrestaGrande is just one hour and 30 minutes by car or about 45 minutes by boat from the docking point at Roxas Boulevard. The roads are good, too, not to mention framed with enough foliage to afford a resort feel upon your entry.

The prestige of living at the subdivision is upped by an automatic membership in the adjacent golfing community of Puerto Azul Golf Club Inc.

Moreover, CrestaGrande sits comfortably with neighboring prime resorts such as Cala Paniman and Cala Palicpican plus other subdivisions and condominiums. Other activity areas flank CrestaGrande, thus allowing you to indulge in the pleasures of a complete com-munity.

The subdivision neatly merges practicality and relaxation. At CrestaGrande, residents will surely love the infusion of outdoors with that rare sense of retreat. Expect to be caressed by the sun and warmth of being close to Nature. Be one of the precious few to experience the exhilaration of having a sunrise or sunset-hued horizon for a view.

The air here is even different. The subtle scents of mountain breeze and the enthralling sounds of preserved fauna are enough to liberate you from the stress of the city.

CrestaGrande will offer amenities steeped in family-oriented functionalism. And because quality leisure time counts a lot here, CrestaGrande makes sure you’ll never run out of things to do with your friends and family. You can sweat it out with a round of golf or a game of tennis. You can also take delight in seaside pleasures such as jet-skiing or simply take a swim.

CrestaGrande, indeed, cele-brates Nature, urbanity and grand living – all rolled into one great resort community.

* * *

CrestaGrande is a subdivision project of Cala Paniman Inc., with offices at Suite 21-N Burgundy Corporate Tower, 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, tel. nos. 843-1530 and 843-1550; and Ternate, Cavite, (46) 524-0888. E-mail at, or log on to

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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