MANILA, November 17, 2003 (MALAYA) BY 2005, women are expected to exceed 50 percent of the total number of business travelers. With distinct preferences, practical need and significant purchasing power, they are making both the hotel and travel industry light up and take notice.

The average female business travelers, according to statistics from a recent study by the New York University Center for Hospitality, Tourism & Travel Administration, holds a management position and has an annual income between $25,000 and $70,000, and is often the primary or sole wage earner.

Normally, the words business and pleasure seldom go together when travel is involved. The least women can expect from a hotel is a combination of safety, convenience and, to take a long shot, a bit of comfort. Savvy, sophisticated women who average two to four trips per year believe responsive service is the most important criteria to use when selecting a hotel for business. Business travel is an important component of her job as it makes it more interesting to personally meet clients. She prefers to eat at the hotel restaurant when traveling alone and at a restaurant away from her hotel when traveling with colleagues. For her, it is essential to incorporate some leisure time into her trip in order to shop, visit historical sites, or participate in an outdoor activity. More often than not, weekend days onto her trips are added and she delights in other specific conveniences.

To offer a solution to the bare mediocrity of hotels that claim to cater to business travelers, Discovery Suites is offering basics and more with Suite Bliss.

"The needs of women business travelers have changed and will continue to evolve that is why we continuously evolve our products and services to better accommodate the specific needs and expectations of women business travelers," claims Jack Tuason, Discovery Suites general manager. "Suite Bliss is all about improving the entire business and travel experience for women, enhancing their well being and we're proud to be the first and only hotel in Manila to offer this female travel-friendly special package."

Being extra sensitive to the needs of a lady business travelers, one will receive a complimentary vanity kit gift pack courtesy of VMH Hypoallergenic that includes some of their popular products such as the body gel, shampoo, soap, mini compact and lipsticks jar for that next meeting's retouch!

Here is a guest room with that feminine touch - scented candles, aromatic oils, potpourri, light reading books and women's magazines, hair curlers, padded hangers, cushioned slippers, special pillows, soothing CDs to chose from and even a cookbook for that home away from home effect!

"With one's hectic schedule during a business trip, we also came up with a not-so-ordinary minibar and added items such as stockings, a sewing kit, shavers, hairspray, manicure/pedicure sets, sanitary wear, a personal foot spa set and other items that consider what a busy lady could overlook," added Gemma Batoon, Discovery Suites marketing manager.

For a supplement fee, luxury amenities such as silk pajamas, or make-up kits may be offered. Supplement services include discounts on spa treatments laundry, garment dressing or potpourri drawer bags.

Most importantly, Discovery Suites is concerned about women safety. With a simple request, the hotel will provide escorts to a parked car or to the traveler's room.

"A security escort can be provided by either calling the front desk or the hotel's security department," said Cesar Fernandez, Discovery Suites operations manager. "It can be anywhere at the hotel including to a guest's room and parking lot. Guest floors are well lit, surveillance cameras are in place, lady guards are on standby at the assigned floor 24 hours and so are housekeeping staff," he added.

Half of women who travel on business exercise a similar amount when on the road as at home. Alternatively, frequent travelers may be better prepared to take advantage of exercise facilities than women who don't travel as much. Women no longer hide in their rooms when they travel alone on business. The fact that more than 33 percent of women exercise outside their hotel is an indication of how confident they are when they travel. With this development, Discovery Suites paves the way for a women business traveler's productivity in the arena of relaxation and fitness, thus, a special discount is extended for the use of the Discovery Spa.

Shopping, on the other hand, is the number one leisure activity for business travelers regardless of their age, income or gender and for the women traveler's advantage, Discovery Suites has arranged discount tie-ups with selected shops at The Podium that is conveniently located right across the hotel!

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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