MANILA, November 13, 2003 (STAR) WORDS WORTH By Mons Romulo-Tantoco - There are 46 days before Christmas and gift-giving time is just around the corner again. Times are hard and almost everyone I know is on a tight budget. For us, just making a Christmas gift list can be the cause of a lot of stress. But letís try to keep in mind that more than giving gifts this Christmas season it is important for us to know that we were remembered in a special way by the gift giver.

RACHY CUNA, stylist: There are no likes and dislikes when it comes to Christmas gifts. But, for me, more than the gift, what matters is its packaging, which is a joy, reflective of the giverís best wishes as well as the care and attention with which such wishes are sent. A dozen itlog na maalat or homemade tuyo becomes extra special when wrapped painstakingly in the spirit of giving. Packaging provides the surprise, the drama, and the magic. For me, a gift is beautifully wrapped when, upon receiving it, I cannot help but say, "WOW!"

MIA VIRATA, equestrian/Assumption Sanlo HS í78 silver jubilarian: I want to receive a gift certificate for an exotic two- week cruise for me and my family. I would hate to receive a CD of rock and techno music because I hate loud music.

PAUL CABRAL, fashion designer: Honestly, I would love anything for a Christmas gift as long as it comes from the heart. Whatís really important to me is that I am remembered on this special occasion.

ATTY. PERRY PE: For Christmas I hate to get recycled fruitcake with sun-soaked red or white wine. I love to recycle anything functional or maybe a kiss from my wife, not that Iím lacking in kisses from her and neither are the kisses functional. Hehehe!

NINI RAMOS LICAROS, civic minded lady: The gift I really wouldnít want to receive this Christmas is food because itís fattening, it ruins my diet. But I would love to receive scented candles!

NERISSA MATHAY, civic minded lady: A villa in Tuscany? Seriously (though this may sound trite and a bit overused) Ė peace, love and happiness for all the days to come. After all thatís what Christmas is all about.

MIA BORROMEO, consultant, Wish: Two things on my Christmas wish list this year are a Jelly Kelly bag and an Aqua Juicy couture track suit. I love receiving Christmas cards with pictures of the kids of my friends. Theyíre adorable and I love collecting them.

LALA FLORES, makeup artist: I want to receive a big Louis Vuitton makeup bag for Christmas. I donít want to receive fruitcake, Iím on a diet and itís fattening.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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