Mabini, Batangas, May 16, 2003  Chickens play a vital role in Mabini, Batangas, because poultry and poultry products are major sources of livelihood for the townspeople and a pride of the municipality as well.

Native chickens are cooked in various ways, from inihaw to nilaga to adobo and tinola. But their favorite is kinulob. The chicken is broiled in a tightly enclosed tin container over flaming charcoal.

Mabini's Kinulob Festival, a new annual tradition that started in 2002, was conceptualized to pay tribute to and honor the Municipality's native chicken-raisers, as well as preserve and celebrate their traditions.

During the festival, Mabini folk dress in colorful chicken-inspired costumes and parade around the town, happily dancing and chanting as they walk. Each Mabini Barangay prepares its own costumes and dance numbers as it competes with the others. The barangays try to out-perform and out-dress each other.

There are small hand-carried floats that feature dressed-up chickens cooked in the kinulob way, which are part of the parade. In the parade held recently there was one kinulob chicken which was dressed in a tiny gown with wig to boot. There was even a whole basketball team of kinulob chickens acting as if they were engaged in a rowdy basketball game.

Aside from the parade, there were booths, which were set up by all the barangays where even more kinulob chickens were on display. The great thing about the booths was that each of the visitors could hop from one booth to another to get a taste of kinulob chicken at its finest.

Batangas is a service area of Globelines, the wireline phone service of Globe Telecom. A major sponsor of the festival, Globelines joined the activities by parading chicken floats, which represented Globelines Services such as Net Express, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting.

Globelines also participated in the fun by helping select the winners and giving prizes for the best floats, booths and performers.

The summer heat during the parade may have made everyone in the parade feel a little like the kinulob chickens, but Globelines is happy that it was one of the hot sponsors of the parade.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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