MANILA, February 5, 2004  (STAR) PBL chairman Dioceldo Sy yesterday rejected commissioner Chino Trinidadís resignation and reiterated his full support to the PBL chief while issuing a warning to Welcoat for its unwarranted action during Game 3 of the ongoing title series in the PBL Platinum Cup at the Pasig Sports Center.

"I was surprised when I got the news that Chino is resigning. Chino is a hard-working commissioner and I can vouch for that. Thereís no question about his passion to the sport and his love to the league," said Sy. "Itís very unfortunate that it happened in the middle of the finals."

Trinidad, feeling "insulted and taunted" by a Welcoat protest following the defeat of Jojo Tangkay to Fash Peter June Simon for the MVP honors, resigned in haste at halftime of Game 3 in a move that shocked the PBL community.

Welcoat players showed up wearing bands on their uniform with inscription "Tangkay MVP" Ė their own way of protesting the result of the MVP race.

That proved to be the last straw following the turn of events the past two days.

"If that is not a show of utter disrespect, then I donít know what is," said an emotional Trinidad during a hastily called press conference. "If that is not taunting, what is it? I tried to work hard for the good of the league then ito ang gagawin nila sa akin. Thatís blatant disrespect."

Sy, however, did not accept Trinidadís resignation.

"Definitely, Iím rejecting the resignation of Mr. Trinidad," said Sy. "I will try to work a win-win solution so that we can retain the services of Mr. Trinidad. He has a great vision for the league, so sayang naman kung hindi matutuloy ito."

Sy added that the league canít afford to lose someone as dedicated, innovative and effective leader as Trinidad.

Other owners and representatives, among them Fash owner Cecilio Pedro, Sunkistís Elmer Yanga and Viva Mineral Waterís Rey Billena, have also asked Trinidad to reconsider his decision to quit.

Sy said heís calling an immediate board meeting today among team owners to figure out how to solve the problem and added that the management of Welcoat headed by team owners Terry Que and Raymund Yu shall be held responsible for any negative consequences.

Sy was also peeved with the uncalled and unwarranted action by the players, saying: "They should not have done that considering that some of them are leaving the league and joining the PBA this season. They should be responsible enough.

"The show of protest has tarnished the image of the commissioner as a person and the league itself," added Sy who, however, remains optimistic he can convince Trinidad to stay on and keep his job which he inherited from Yeng Guiao four years ago.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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