MANILA, December 23, 2003 (STAR) By Eden Estopace - Siemens has released a new phone in the Philippine market that aims to capture the local populace’s growing enthusiasm for camera phones.

The newly launched Siemens MC60 has a built-in digital camera that makes it easy to take photos anytime, anywhere.

Unlike previous Siemens camera-capable phones, this new model does away with the cumbersome matchbox-sized digital camera that needs to be attached to the phone to enable a user to take photos.

The MC60 is designed for outgoing mobile phone users who don’t have the time nor the patience to fit in a camera to their phones every time there is a photo opportunity.

Since it is the season for partying and merrymaking, the MC60 comes in handy for people who socialize non-stop and want to record candid moments with friends and family without lugging a real camera.

"Everyone knows that hard partying comes with various photo-ops. Through the one-click picture feature, users can take high-quality photographs at the touch of a button – and even send it to friends immediately," Siemens Mobile Phones Phils. said in a statement.

The MC60 also features an innovative picture-editing capability and an album for editing and storing of images. It can store up to 50 images internally and has about 1MB of storage capacity available for content – MMS, pictures and sounds.

Its best bet so far in the highly competitive mobile phone market is its price. Selling for P15,000 or less (depending on the dealer), the MC60 is yet one of the most value-for-money camera phones available today.

While camera phones are enjoying brisk sales in most parts of the world, the built-in, high-sensitivity digital camera is mostly available only in high-end phone models.

Coming up with a small, lightweight and inexpensive camera phone is Siemens’ answer to the local market’s clamor for innovation and excitement in new phones.

Siemens, in its website, said the MC60 is designed for fun and ease of use. To take photos, for example, one only needs to press the number 5 button twice and you’re ready to take photos. Picture quality can be set to a resolution of as high as 352 x 288. Viewing the pictures is also convenient as the MC60 features a seven-line screen capable of displaying 4,096 colors.

Compact and trendy, it also comes loaded with other features such as hands-free and voice command, organizer, PC synchronization, polyphonic melodies, unique screen savers and wallpapers and Java application downloads.

It has up to 250 hours of standby time and up to 300 minutes of talk time using its standard Li-lon 700mAh battery.

But more than these, the phone comes in a distinctive X-shaped design that will definitely appeal to the trendy crowd. It is available in three colors – aquamarine, titanium and grenadine.

As Siemens describes it, the MC60 is "a funky handset for fun-seeking socializers."

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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