MANILA, OCTOBER 1, 2003  (BULLETIN) A new service to the medical community called the MRC Virtual Grand Rounds (MVGR) was recently launched by the University of Santo Tomas Hospital (USTH), in collaboration with Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), through its MSD Resource Centers.

The MVGR is a Net-Meeting-enabled facility – provided at the nine MSD Resource Centers (MRCs) located nationwide – where doctors can interact online with fellow physicians from different locations in the country.

The recent launch gathered doctors who shared opinions on the management of the case entitled “The Conundrum of Pott’s.” It was chaired by Dr. Sandra Navarra with the participation of doctor panelists. The first MVGR was conducted in the MRCs at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Philippine General Hospital, Philippine Heart Center, Makati Medical Center, Philippine Orthopedic Center, Davao Doctors Hospital, and Batangas.

“The first MRC Virtual Grand Rounds provided an opportunity for an interesting discourse among clinicians of various specializations such as family physicians, internists, rheumatologists, orthopedics and physicians with discussions from practical to hypothetical,” said Prof. Tito P. Torralba, MD, USTH medical director. “The MGVR gave us the opportunity to learn, collaborate and exchange insights online with fellow doctors from different localities nationwide.”

Dr. Eduardo Vicente S. Caguioa, USTH assistant medical director and MVGR co-moderator, added: “This particular type of CME activity is the way to go from now on and in the near future in terms of disseminating information fast and reliably. With the MVGR, we take a look at various types of modalities from various types of subspecialties.”

For his part, MSD Bone & Joint business unit director, Dr. Beaver R. Temesis, explained that offering the MGVR at the MRC’s is a new service project of MSD aimed at assisting physicians in their continuing quest for medical information.

“If we continue to pull this off, it really brings the medical community very much closer. Now we have diversity of opinion. Not just one but just like in today’s discussion where we had a healthy exchange, there were different options on the approaches and techniques. We would like to see more of this in the future,” Dr. Tamesis added.

For additional inquiries regarding the MVGR, call Cat Dallare, MRC services manager, or Marge Panizales, USTH MRC officer at 732-1338.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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