MANILA, September 19, 2003  (STAR) OH YES, IT’S JOHNNY! By Johnny Litton  - What would be the best time for someone who has a heart disease to make love and not have a heart attack? These and many other interesting questions about heart ailments were answered and discussed at the recent Regional Conference on Preventive Cardiology. Organized by the indefatigable faculty of the Foundation for Lay Education on Heart Disease (FLEHD), the Pangasinan convention gathered eminent cardiologists led by energetic FLEHD president Dr. Adolfo Bellosillo.

The tireless Dr. Bellosillo and his team of volunteer doctors held an inspiring dialogue with over 300 cardiologists, family physicians and health personnel. The fruitful two-day convention covered interesting topics like hypertension, smoking, exercise and sex (which got everyone excited). The FLEHD’s remarkable growth facilitated the institution of the first chapter. The officers of its Pangasinan Chapter were inducted by devoted FLEHD chairman Joe Concepcion. The inductees included prominent cardiologists including Drs. Luciano Fernandez, Isabelita Siapno, Arthur Pitargue, Gloria Balboa, Jesus Canto, Renato Espinosa, Henry Fernandez, Enrika Español-Manaligod, Glorioso Maramba, Marlon Rebosa and Federico Santos.

The Second Regional Convention on Preventive Cardiology was made possible through the support of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for the Chairman’s Club, Merck, Astra Zeneca, Therapharma, Metropolitan Pharma and Servier for the President’s Club, Abbott, Glaxo Wellcome, Sanofi Synthelabo and Hi-Eisai for the Adviser’s Club and Aventis, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Boots, Herbcare, Integrated Pharma, Macropharma, Natrapharma, Pascual, Roche, Schwarz, Solvay Pharma and Wander for the Organizing Committee Club.

Of course, any trip to the province would be incomplete for modern-day heroes without a medical lay educational program. FLEHD ably conducted a public forum assisted by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for over 300 Pangasinenses and gave them free medical services. To make the discussion more understandable to townsfolk, FLEHD employed faculty who hail from the province and who spoke the local dialect, in the persons of Dr. Perfecto Palafox, Dr. Florante Muñoz and Dr. Freman Cerezo.

It was indeed a successful convention and lay educational program, thanks to Dr. Bellosillo and the FLEHD faculty, chairman of the board Joe Concepcion, board member Nellie Bengzon, regional consultant Mars Lambino and FLEHD Pangasinan president Dr. Luciano Fernandez.

So when is the best time to "do the boogie-woogie" without risking the onset of a heart attack? A little past 12 midnight!

Congratulations, FLEHD for an exceptional job !

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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