MANILA, September 16, 2003  (STAR) 3Com Corp. recently announced that De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde (DLSU-CSB), a premier Philippine institution providing world-class tertiary education, has enhanced its network with 3Com switches and XRN technology.

This network improvement will address the institutionís user growth and allow students and the faculty to handle high bandwidth applications while assuring cost-efficiency in tackling support issues and network redesign.

3Com is powering up DLSU-CSBís network with two units each of 3Com Superstack 3 Switch 4950 and 4924 combined with the 3Comís expandable Resilient Networking (XRN) Interconnect Kit.

This solution gives unmatched performance, superlative redundancy and resiliency features to network users using copper and fiber links to the schoolís four intermediate distribution frames (IDFs) located at the Benilde, Duerr, Mutien and Solomon buildings.

This, plus a separate fiber optic link to the Angelo King International Center Ė which is two blocks away from the main DLSU-CSB campus Ė where users access internal applications such as office productivity software, the Internet, Microsoft Exchange and Oracle Financials.

The school is one of 3Comís first customers in the Philippines to acquire 3Comís XRN technology that allows a "pay as you grow strategy" which greatly reduces the total cost of ownership within the core of the network.

By using cost-effective, compact core switches that are easy to use and easy to deploy, a customerís upfront acquisition cost and ongoing management are much lower than a traditional approach based on a high-end centralized core.

"Using 3Comís powerful network, our students and faculty can now enjoy reliable, high-speed network performance," said Jaybee Santos, director of the DLSU-CSB Information Technology Center.

"Since its installation, network users have noticed a significant improvement in terms of accessing the Internet and network resources."

Additionally, DLSU-CSB has acquired the 3Com 11 Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point 8000, and 3Com OfficeConnect 11 Mbps Wireless LAN USB Adapter to offer high-speed Wireless High Fidelity (Wi-Fi) access for students and faculty members alike.

"Weíve also invested in 20 3Com Wi-Fi USB cards for students or faculty who need wireless connections. They can just borrow the cards and attach these to the USB ports of their own computers and instantly get Wi-Fi access," Santos revealed.

Around 900 Intel-based PCs scattered across the network connected to various application and file servers through Gigabit links provided by the 3Com switches, with 1,440 available ports to users.

Santos expressed confidence in the new 3Com Gigabit Ethernet network, especially with its ability for traffic prioritization through Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) support. "With the VLANs, we can contain the traffic into specific segments. We can fine-tune the network, and can organize traffic into segments based on a particular need," Santos said. "This will prevent bottlenecks in the entire network due to specific bandwidth requirements of a particular group of users. For example, in the Multimedia Art program where high bandwidth applications are run, we can place their students in one VLAN. They then generate traffic only in their own VLAN and not in other VLANs."

"The 3Com Gigabit Ethernet set-up will provide the expected speed and robustness that our growing institution would need in the next five year before deciding on making the next upgrade," he added. "When we reach that point, 3Com would definitely be considered once more.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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