Manila, July 21, 2003 (BULLETIN) The advent of the Internet, mobile communication and other innovations have given the youth of today countless options with regard to information and communications technology (ICT). Even the selection process of something as basic as choosing a college course for an eventual ICT career sends students on an unfamiliar ride into a realm the Philippines is just beginning to comprehend.

One school, though, that seems to be unfazed by the challenge of helping the Filipino youth realize dreams and achieve goals in ICT – no matter what – is the STI Education Services Group (STI). STI, with a track record of 20 years experience in ICT-centered education, has developed a standardized courseware that intends to provide students who seek a career in ICT all that they need to succeed.

STI’s commitment to the youth goes far beyond education. It offers many other programs and initiatives that help Filipinos make that transition from university to society. Among these are Global Resource for Outsourced Workers, Inc. (GROW), a recruitment and placement company that deploys highly skilled Filipino professionals for anywhere in the world; Adaptive Technology Training, Resource and Access Center (Project ATTRAC), a project that aims to give comprehensive computer literacy training course to the visually impaired through adaptive or access technology and Education (FLITE), the umbrella organization that sees to all STI co-curricular activities.

STI’s belief in the Filipino youth’s abilities and talents, is projected in its new advertising campaign dubbed “Making IT happen.” The concept is simple, one that students today can easily identify with. Its catchy jingle, “Hold on to your dreams,” is likewise one that jives with the kind of music kids are fond of listening to these days.

How did this campaign come about? Well, above all, the STI network, including all of its 100 plus schools and learning centers in the Philippines and abroad, was conceptualized and institutionalized with the goal of empowering the youth. No matter how cliché as it may sound, STI does believe that the youth is the country’s future. Thus, STI made it a corporate goal to ensure that the education being offered to students today is something that will uplift the quality of their lives.

Aside from the boy and girl next-door looks of the model students featured in the campaign and the contemporary jingle, STI’s ad campaign is executed in the form of an MTV’s tone and presentation is youth-oriented and full of exuberance. Its storyline is very basic: if you dare to dream, at STI, you can make it happen.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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