Gen. Trias, Cavite, May 7, 2003
-- Bell Telecommunication Philippines, Inc.
(BellTel) has completed the installation of its new base station in Gen.
Trias, Cavite, allowing the company to provide its range of converged
communication services to the province's special economic zones (SEZs).
Joby De Belen, BellTel Vice President for Sales & Marketing said the Cavite
base station is just the first of several base stations that will be
launched by the company as part of its expansion plan for this year.

"BellTel will be expanding the reach of its fixed wireless network this
year by setting up more base stations in areas surrounding Greater Metro
Manila. After Cavite we intend to set up base stations in Batangas,
Bulacan, Clark and Subic," De Belen explained.

De Belen said by expanding to these areas, BellTel is allowing locators in
SEZs to gain access to affordable, seamlessly integrated solutions that
combine voice and data services.

BellTel is able to do this because it is licensed to provide such services
in all present and future economic zones and central business districts

"The growth in the number of special economic zones in Cavite, Batangas,
and Laguna as well as the growth in the number of locators in these SEZs
provide a high revenue growth potential for BellTel," De Belen said.

"Proof of this is the fact that we were able to capture a sizeable share of
the Cavite market even before we completed the installation of the base
station early this month," he said.

The companies in Cavite that have subscribed to BellTel so far come from
the manufacturing and the retail sectors.

BellTel is now offering iDirect; the company's flagship fixed wireless
converged voice and Internet service, to companies in special economic
zones such as the Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority (CEPZA), as well
as small & medium businesses, schools, and other organizations in
surrounding areas.

"Apart from iDirect we are also offering call center applications and wide
area networking services," he said.

De Belen added that companies can practically source all of their
communications requirements from BellTel since the company has a full-scope
of licenses. BellTel's licenses include local exchange carrier (LEC),
international gateway facilities (IGF), inter exchange carrier (IXC), very
small aperture terminal (VSAT), public calling offices (PCO) and Inter-net
service provider (ISP).

BellTel is a full-service telecommunications company that currently offers
the widest broadband coverage in the country utilizing several access
technologies such as fixed wireless, fiber optic, cable, DSL, and
satellite. (Edu H. Lopez, Bulletin)

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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