MANILA, January 10, 2004  (STAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo - Curtain-raisers:

• Could it be true that a popular singer might consult an arbularyo (quack doctor) because she strongly suspects that she’s a victim of a mangkukulam (witch doctor), that’s why she sometimes loses her voice?

• Maricel Laxa is making a last-minute call to those interested in joining the Festival For Fathers seminar specially for fathers in the corporate world, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today at Ateneo. Admission price is only P250. For inquiries, call 920-0537.

• And here’s the official ranking (no figures available) of the nine movies in the just-concluded 2003 Metro Manila Filmfest: 1) Captain Barbell, 2) Fantastik Man, 3) Crying Ladies, 4) Mano Po 2, 5) Malikmata, 6) Bridal Shower, 7) Gagamboy, 8) Filipinas and 9) Homecoming.

* * *

You hear him Monday through Friday on the Balitang Kyut segment of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol and you have no choice but listen to his unique way of reporting; it’s a style all his own, something he himself "invented" and didn’t learn from any book or tutor.

"I became a TV reporter by accident," Marc Logan loves to tell anybody who asks. "It was in 1997 and I was new at ABS-CBN, manning the news desk. One time, (field reporter) JV Villar was absent and I was forced to take over. I covered an incident involving a man who was trying to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of a house. I saw a ‘comic’ angle in the situation and I decided to gave my coverage a ‘light’ touch without trivializing the incident. Then TV Patrol host (and now Sen.) Noli de Castro liked what I did."

And the rest is history.

We now hear that one-of-a-kind voice in Mga Kuwentong Kanta ni Marc Logan, a 12-track album released in November last year by Alpha Music including the singles Scratch Mo Baby and Galaw Galaw which are now often heard in the airlanes (and record bars).

People invariably ask Marc why he did the album for Alpha Music and not for Star Records which is a sister company of ABS-CBN/Star Cinema.

"For courtesy," said Marc who started his journalism career with the defunct Times Journal and People’s Journal, covering the police beat. "Buddy (de Vera), head of Alpha Music, broached the idea to me as early as two years ago but I begged off. Sabi ko, ‘Huwag muna.’ I asked him to give me some time."

Buddy’s son, Alvin (who’s helping run the company), said that they got interested in Marc because of his antics on TV and the interesting way he delivers the news.

"Walang katulad," said Alvin. "Nagiisa siya."

The album is a combination of rap, poetry-reading and singing.

But unlike most rappers, Marc stays away from sex-oriented and double-meaning lyrics. Scratch Mo Baby, for instance, is not what you think it implies.

"The song is all about losing cellphone credit and load at the height of an important conversation," explained Marc. "In the song, I’m reaching out for my extra load in one of my pockets and eight female fans notice me and think I’m getting itchy (nangangati). So they take turns in rubbing me all over, including areas they should never touch. The kicker of the song is, I must admit, a bit naughty, ‘Oops, teka, nangangate, scratch mo baby’ and ‘Sige pa, sige pa, kakamutin.’ It’s only at the end of the song will you know na pre-paid card pala ang gusto kong scratchin."

You wonder, does Marc have any background in music?

The answer is yes.

"I used to compose songs when I was in high school. When I was in college at PUP, I won first prize in the Inter-Collegiate Singing Contest, held nationwide. I sang Once Upon a Life, a Gary Valenciano song."

One of the songs on the album, Gabay, was written by Marc himself for his children Justin, 13, and Mara, 11.

His work as TV Patrol segment host surely enhances his new role as a recording artist (he signed a three-year, three-album contract with Alpha Music). Anywhere he goes for the album promo, Marc is easily recognized by fans. His face and his voice are familiar to the public and they help sell his album.

"In Mindanao," said Marc, "Scratch Mo Baby and Galaw Galaw are very popular. People sing lines from them when they see me."

It was also his unique voice that has led to guesting stints in such TV shows as Whattamen, Da Body en da Guard and Home Along da Riles.

Now, after embarking on a recording career, will Marc dare try out the movies?

"Why not?" he smiled.

Yeah, why not?

If Marc Logan can be a smash hit as a TV reporter and now a recording star, why can’t he be as a movie comedian?

Marc Logan has, indeed, arrived.

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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