MANILA, October 13, 2003  (MALAYA) by ETHEL RAMOS - JACKIE Forster is back in town from an extended vacation in the US.

We won't be surprised if Jackie would continue to spew more revelations about her alleged romance with Mayor Joey Marquez. After all, like Kris Aquino, who claims she is not a liar, Jackie has proven that she was telling the truth when she announced she was with Mayor Joey in the US at the same time that Kris was with him.

Kris, in her TV interview at the height of the Kris-Joey controversy, revealed that she is now convinced that Jackie was also in America with Mayor Joey at the same time she was there with him.

What we want to know, however, is how Jackie reacted when the report reached her that her ex-husband, Benjie Paras, took the side of Mayor Joey in the Kris-Joey brouhaha. Ha ha.


We sympathize with Almira Muhlach in what she's going through because of the scandal that allegedly involves her cager-husband, Paul Alvarez.

The newspapers and tabloids alleged that a politician caught Paul and the politician's wife together in bed, naked, inside the master's bedroom in the politician's house. Paul may face adultery charges.

In any case, Almira text(ed) us this statement regarding the issue: "To all my friends: Thank you very much for your concern. Alam kong you are always there for me. This allegations are not true!! Please pray for us that Bong and I will get through this."


Do you know that a lot of viewers are now relying on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) for their daily source of news and information?

Kung sabagay, I should know. I am a viewer. I tune in to ANC most of the time. My favorite programs are those hosted by Cito Beltran, Nancy Irlanda, Boy Abunda and Ces Oreņa Drilon.

No wonder, in a recent AGB survey conducted in Mega Manila, ANC ruled over other cable news channels in the country. The data gathered also showed a consistent rise in its ratings, from 20th rank in March, to 14th last August. Other news channels lagged behind, with CNN ranking 28th; BBC, 27th; Fox News, 35th; and CNBC Asia at 41.

ANC also outranked free TV stations ABC-5 and RPN-9.

ANC's programs appeal to both upper and middle-class viewers. Jing Magsaysay, the managing director for ANC, attributes this to the channel's new program gird. There are now, if you notice, more newscasts in its primetime slots. It now has 11 newscasts aired from Monday to Friday, not including its business programs and updates being shown throughout the day. There are also live news reports during the weekends. This way, according to Magsaysay, viewers are provided a venue to get valuable information at any time that is convenient to them to catch the news.

ANC was the sole news channel that covered the Oakwood takeover last July in its entirety. It also presents the Jose Pidal controversy, from its expose to the ongoing senate investigation.

Likewise, ANC has expanded its business news coverage by adding more updates, giving the viewers a closer look on how the market is reacting to the issues of the day. A popular program on entrepreneurship, "Usapang Business" is now a business feature segment of ANC newscasts, making it more accessible for people who are interested to get business tips and want to be inspired by various success stories.

Some of the ANC hosts and reporters who discuss topics ranging from politics to entertainment are Ces Drilon, Boy Abunda, Cito Beltran, Gene Orejana, Tina Monson Palma and Pia Hontiveros.

Magsaysay said that ANC hopes to move forward by coming up with more programs to broaden its service to the viewers. They are forming a News Content Development Group that would study and create more "viewer beneficial" programs tackling topics such as health, consumer rights and benefits. ANC is also in the process of fast-tracking its operations for the 2004 Presidential Elections.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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