Manila, September 4, 2003  (MALAYA) Naughty, crazy, threesome. FRIENDS in need are friends indeed-and in deed.

This time-worn adage is given a new touch and approach, charged with star power, in Star Cinema's new wacky comedy-romance "Pinay Pie," written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes, with an all-star cast headed by Ai Ai delas Alas (currently hailed as Box-Office Queen on account of the huge commercial success of her recent "Ang Tanging Ina"), Joyce Jimenez, and Assunta de Rossi, with Carlos Agassi, Onemig Bondoc, and Vhong Navarro as their leading men.

"Nothing is more effective than driving home a point with star power," says the director who admits that "Pinay Pie" is a most hilarious movie that takes a light-hearted look at an otherwise serious subject. "We all had fun doing the movie and I'm sure moviegoers will, too."

All three female leads have amply proven their star power both on the big screen and the small screen, even the stage (such as when they draw audiences to their live shows here and abroad).

Fans predict "Pinay Pie" will confirm Ai Ai's box-office clout after "Tanging Ina." Joyce and Assunta move into "wholesome movie territory" after proving their worth in "bold" dramas that were hits.

In the story, the three girls adopt an "all for one, one for all" stance against what they perceive as their "oppression" in the hands of their boyfriends, vowing not to jump into a new relationship until after they have tasted blood.

"Pinay Pie" constitutes a declaration of war by women against men? Well, the filmmakers assure us that the movie is just plain entertainment, calculated to amuse even as it puts under the magnifying glass the never-ending war of the sexes.

Also in the cast are Rafael Rosell IV and newcomers Ed Mendez and Brad Turvey.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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