Manila, August 15, 2003  (MALAYA) BY Mario Bautista - EULA Valdez confesses she will marry her current boyfriend, a Fil-Aussie engineer named Richard who's younger than her, in December at a beach wedding in Boracay. She never married Ronnie Quizon with whom she has a son. How come she chose to marry this guy? "Everything just fell into place and I'm so sure of my feeling with him in a way na hindi roon sa isa," she says. "Even my son, Miguel, approves of him. I met him through Sharmaine Suarez, my co-star in 'Darating ang Umaga.' They're cousins and Sharmaine stayed for sometime in Australia. He came here to visit her and that's how we were introduced. But mind you, I met him only after I've broken up with Ronnie."

Eula's lovelife and career are both growing strong. Aside from her regular soap, she plays a meaty role as the lawyer mother of Marvin Agustin in the film "Noon at Ngayon." She is now also in demand as an endorser. The latest product she is plugging is Extract Therapy Facial Cleansers. "I'm flattered that personal choice daw ako ng Splash Corporation to be their model. It so happens I really use the product twice a day to cleanse my face and it really helps me maintain my clear skin."

Eula is doing an Extract Therapy Mall tour. She'll be at SM Manila from Aug. 19 to 24, SM North Edsa from Aug. 27 to Sept. l, SM Megamall from Sept. 4 to 9. She'll also be at the Extract Therapy Mural Making Competition on Oct. 5 at SM North Edsa.

* * *

Via Veloso was introduced in 1996 playing the title role in the remake of "Isla." She was 17 then. Now at 23, she has a 7-month old baby boy, Ralph Jacob, the result of her two-year live in relationship with Sta. Lucia cager Rafael Santos. "We almost got married," she says. "But it's good we didn't because noong lumabas na ang tunay naming ugali, it came to a point that we fought over the littlest things. There's no third party involved. I guess we're just still both immature. He was the one who left two months ago and there's no effort naman on his part to return. I haven't recovered from the breakup but maybe it's better that way. In fairness, Paeng is a very responsible father. He supplies all the milk, diapers and other needs of our baby. My father felt sad when we parted because Paeng has become close to him."

She decided to make a comeback and asked Ogie Diaz to manage her. "Ogie and I became close when we did 'Hiling.' Bading siya roon who wished he'd be a woman and his wish was granted when he became me."

Among her past movies, she considers "Hiling" and "Saranggani" her favorites. "I also did a lot of teleseryes. I co-starred with Claudine Barretto in 'Mula sa Puso,' with Bembol Roco in 'Esperanza,' with Gary Estrada in 'Del Tierro.' The last one I did was 'Sana ay Ikaw na Nga' for GMA. I really wish I could be in the cast of another soap."

Does she regret giving up her career for Paeng? "Well, it was good while it lasted. At least, I now have a son who inspires me to work harder."

* * *

Another ward of Ogie Diaz is comedian Tado, now a mainstay in "Klasmeyts," "OK, Fine! Whatever" and "MTB." Arvin Jimenez in real life, his high school friends tagged him Tado because he does the craziest things. He majored in psychology at PUP (where he acted in some plays) before taking up film courses at the Mowelfund.

He appeared in some independent films and gained a cult following when he hosted "Strangebrew" on Channel 37, where he did funny interviews with people from all walks of life. He gets to reprise this act in the "Itanong Mo Kay Tado" segment of "Klasmeyts." From there, he hopped into mainstream TV as a friend of Jericho Rosales in "Pangako Sa'yo." He then played Speechless in "Trip" and a guard in "Radyo." He is now doing "First Time" with Viva Hot Babe Myles Hernandez, directed by Lyle Sacris.

He might look like a long-haired addict but Tado is a devoted family man. He married schoolmate Lea Segovia at 21 and they have three daughters: Le Idola (6), Katrina May (4), and Indi (2).

He gets a big kick when his kids watch "MTB" then would later ask him: "Dad, ikaw ba si Tado?"

He is also full of bright ideas. Later, he wants to make some relevant documentaries.

* * *

After 10 Years on the air, Dolphy's "Home Along Da Riles" is bowing out to give way to "Home Along Da Airport." "ABS-CBN wants us to reformat. I told them kilala na ko as Kevin Cosme so it's hard for me to assume a new character. Also, MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando really wants to clear the railroad tracks of squatters and he even guested in our show to explain that. So dapat lang that we should move to another place," says Dolphy.

What happens is Azon (Nova Villa), his wife, inherits a house from her dad located right beside the airport, so they hear each plane that flies above their house. Joining them are new characters. Aubrey Miles is Juana Loreta, J Lo for short, the owner of a beauty parlor who dreams of becoming a flight attendant. Alyssa Gibbs, daughter of Janno, plays her niece who is wooed by Teddy Ver (John Wayne Sace of "Dekada 70"). Long Mejia plays Don Long, Dolphy's new contrapelo who has a daughter, Camille Prats, a tomboyish girl named Sam who becomes Vandolph's new love interest.

Did Dolphy have a hand in choosing the new members of the cast? "I suggested Long because after Babalu passed away, wala na akong kabatuhan sa show. We worked well together in the movie, 'Home Along Da Riber,' so I know our tandem here will click with the viewers."

Long himself is honored to work with his idol. "Tito Dolphy is an institution in comedy and being in a regular show with him is really exciting for me."

Even Aubrey is thrilled to work with Dolphy. "This is my first sitcom and I really welcome it after the sexy flicks I did."

Isn't she afraid of overexposure since she's also seen on "MTB" everyday? "I prefer being busy like this kaysa wala akong exposure at wala akong ginagawa."

* * *

They've been together for 18 years, how does Side A explain their staying power? "First, we have to thank the Lord for continuing to bless us," says musical director-keyboardist Naldy Gonzales. "Then there's our manager, Wyngard Tracy. Even if his Artistation has added so many other talents, okay pa rin ang alaga niya sa amin. He even teaches us how to handle our money well so we each have our own business."

"We also thank the radio stations and the press people who remain supportive of us," says vocalist Joey Generoso.

"Then there are the listeners and fans who continue to inspire us and buy our albums," adds lead guitarist Kelly Badon.

"Also, more than friends ang turingan namin," says bassist Joey Benin. "We're even more than brothers na nga."

They now launch their 11th album, "Titanium," under a new label, Polyeast Records. It has 10 new original songs with "Dream On," composed by Joey himself, as carrier single. Other great cuts are "Love Is Another," "Fragile," "Break My Heart Again" and "Nais Ko" which was written for them by hitmaker Ogie Alcasid.

Their album's title, "Titanium," refers to a very hard metal that is corrosion-resistant and that fits the kind of bonding they have. "Titanium" comes with a free VCD containing the music videos of "Dream On" and "Love Is Another" plus their sponsor's plug, Sinutab. Watch out for their mall tour at SM Davao on Aug. l6, SM Megamall on Aug. 22, SM Bacoor on Aug. 24, SM Manila on Aug. 29, and SM Sucat on Aug. 30.

* * *

Arnell Ignacio's "The P1 Million Videoke Challenge" continues to be a toprater on GMA-7 Sunday nights. We were surprised to see Bernadette Sembrano of "Wish Ko Lang" winning the top prize when she guested in it. She can have singing as a second career. Aside from TV hosting, Arnell has ventured into a new business called Hairwear by Arnelli.

"I never knew I can get into this business until Mother Ricky Reyes gave me the idea when he put up Beauty Central, a one stop-shop for beauty and fashion located at Shoppesville," he says. "I've been bald even before I entered showbiz. So, I know all the artificial methods used to have some semblance of hair. Name any method, service, or drugs about this, I've tried them all. I'm an expert when it comes to hair because I have tried them all."

If you thought all along that Arnell's hair is real, then Arnell is living proof of how good their service is at Hairwear. "Unlike surgical hair replacement clinics, Hairwear offers the use of a hair system, wig or hair extension. What makes us different is that we use genuine European Hair Systems made of 100% human hair customized to be similar with a person's own hair, making it as authentic as his original hair."

Arnel said it takes around three weeks before a hairpiece is custom-made for a client because they order the piece from Germany. The hairpiece is so real it can be washed and you can even go swimming with it. To top it all, Arnel says it is reasonably priced. For inquiries, call 723-2891 or 744-6171.


The best film we've seen this week is "Holes," based on award-winning 1998 novel for young people by Louis Sachar, who also wrote the script. It is a wholesome Disney flick that should get wider release here. It has three intertwining stories that eventually converge, but the main story concerns the young hero, Stanley Yelnats IV (take note that Yelnats is Stanley spelled backwards, played by Shia LaBeouf), a teenager sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile labor camp called Green Lake in the Texas desert for a case of theft he did not commit.

His parents believe what happened to him is part of a curse put on their family by a seer in Latvia four generations ago. At Green Lake (where the lake has dried up after someone was killed in it), he is told by the disciplinarian Mr. Sir (Jon Voight): "Making a bad boy dig holes in the sun all day turns him into a good boy." He then meets the other boys in the camp, many of whom are unfriendly to him. Only one becomes his good friend, Zero (Kleo Thomas). Stanley teaches the silent boy to read and later has an amazing adventure with him.

Their job is to dig holes in the desert, 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide. It soon becomes apparent that the camp warden (Sigourney Weaver) has other intentions in the digging of holes. Could she be searching for buried treasure?

Aside from this main story, we are taken back into the past in Latvia, where Stanley's ancestor (Damien Luvara) fails to fulfill a promise to Madame Zeroni (Eartha Kitt) and thereby gets his grandchildren into trouble. Another story is about the once lush town of Green Lake, where an interracial romance develops between the white schoolteacher (Patricia Arquette) and a black farmer (Dule Hill). Their tragic love story turns her into an outlaw named Kissin' Kate Barlow. Eventually, like the pieces of a puzzle, we get the whole picture concerning these three stories and the result is a goodhearted family movie with great performances.

Jon Voight is superb as the comical Mr. Sir, who is cruel to the boys but cowers in fear in front of the female warden. Sigourney Weaver is similarly effective as the formidable warden who paints her nails with snake venom. Also giving hilarious support is Tim Blake Nelson ("O Brother, Where Art Thou") as the camp counselor, who offers perplexing advice to the kids. As the adolescent heroes, Shia LaBeouf (a TV actor from the Disney Channel) and Khleo Thomas give totally winning performances. This is a heartwarming film that imparts worthy lessons about family love and friendship both kids and older viewers will enjoy.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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