Manila, July 26, 2003 FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (Star) Ask Dolphy, who turned 75 yesterday, if he can still, you know, "rise to the situation" unaided and hell give it to you bluntly. "No," hell admit with undisguised pride, "I dont need Viagra. My Viagra is Zsa Zsa (Padilla, his beloved)."

And what a Viagra she is! At 39, Zsa Zsa is still as sexy and as seductive and as desirable (oo naman!) as she was when she went against... social conventions?... and decided to, uh, "move on" by living with Dolphy who was then (1988) "sexty-five".

"Shes better than Viagra," Dolphy will add with a laugh. "Mas matindi."

Thats Dolphy for you, full of fun and laughter before the cameras and, although deadpan, has an infectious sense of humor in real life. He looks so youthful that many people cant believe that hes nine years the junior of Eddie Garcia (whos 84).

Because its his birthday, Funfare is paying Dolphy a little tribute by listing down some "Pidol" trivia, to wit:

He has 18 children by five different women and he can rattle off his childrens names chronologically without missing a beat Manuel, Salud, Junior, Freddie, Edgar, Rollie, Mariquit, Carlos, Geraldino, Edwin, Ronnie, Eric, Madonna, Jeffrey, Rommel, Vandolph, Zia and Nicole. Eighteen all in all, count em!

If he were a woman, hed be Elizabeth Taylor "Maganda, mabait at maraming asawa."

The most expensive gift he has ever given to anyone to Zsa Zsa, of course! was a brand-new BMW.

His favorite color is white, although he also likes green and black.

His favorite drink is water (and, occasionally, red wine).

The most expensive gift he has ever received is a Rolex (from Zsa Zsa)

He listens to Frank Sinatra songs (his favorites, by other singers, are All the Things You Are and When I Fall in Love)

Hes a cry baby, breaking into tears when something bad happens to any member of his family.

His favorite Dolphy movie is Facifica Falayfay where he plays a screaming gay character.

Among the vitamins and minerals hes taking are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium and fish oil.

He goes to bed in loose shorts (yes puruntong!) and loose T-shirt.

He splashes himself with Angel, his favorite perfume.

He works out on the treadmill 30 minutes every day, praying while doing so.

His favorite saint is the Sto. Nio and The Mother of Perpetual Help.

He watches the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

If he were not an actor, he would have been a seaman.

He adores every part of Zsa Zsas body but doesnt like his own, saying, "Pangit ang katawan ko, e!" (Of course, Zsa Zsa and the dozen other previous women in his life will beg to disagree.)

He takes a bath twice a day, morning and evening.

His favorite cities are New York and Las Vegas.

Hes a sucker for sob stories and noted for being generous and maawain (pitiful).

The last thing he does before he goes to sleep is brush his teeth and pray the Rosary unless he and Zsa Zsa have to do "something".

The first thing he does when he wakes up is brush his teeth and pray unless Zsa Zsa is (still!) in the mood for "something".

His idea of a perfect meal consists of a little rice, a little fish, or a piece of tuyo, veggies and fruits "Happy na ako sa ganoon."

He mouthed that oft-quoted line against joining politics "Madaling tumakbo. Paano kung manalo?" (Thats a food for thought for overly ambitious actors dying to jump into the political arena Hoy, magisip-isip kayo; kawawa ang bayan natin!)

Does he want to live to a hundred? "Only if Im still healthy. Otherwise, what for?" Vic Zhou makes a wish

Of the four members of F4, stars of the phenomenal hit chinovela Meteor Garden (which ends today, to be replaced by Meteor Rain, prequel to Meteor Garden, still on ABS-CBN starting Monday, July 28). Vic Zhou is the most shy and, F4 fans will agree, the best-looking (although the three others Vanness Wu, Ken Zhu and Jerry Yan dont look bad at all).

By now, F4/Meteor Garden fans should know that Vic Zhou is a loner, the most serious and youngest of the F4 guys. Hes also the first to try on his own, with another chinovela (aired on GMA late afternoons daily before Frontpage), minus the three other F4 guys, and a solo (his debut) album called Make a Wish, released locally by Sony Music along with other F4 albums.

According to Sony Music sources, Vic Zhou worked on his album under extreme pressure, balancing his time between tapings for Meteor Garden (and Poor Prince) and reviewing for his final exams (hes taking up Mechanical Engineering at a Taiwan university). In the process, Vic Zhou missed sleep and suffered from bags under his eyes (but his fans will argue that he looks just as handsome even with those bags).

But the fact that Vic Zhou has recorded his solo album doesnt mean that the F4, contrary to persistent rumors, has disbanded. Although the three other members have their own individual undertakings, they can regroup anytime and do an album (or concerts), which is what they recently did. The new F4 album will be released by Sony Music early next year. Watch for it.

Vic Zhous Make a Wish is composed of easy-listening songs, gentle and soothing just like his personality.

When asked to make a wish, Vic Zhou, reportedly broke into a cute smile and said, "I wish Ill pass my final exams with flying colors!"

Pray that Vic Zhou will get his wish.

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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