Quezon City, July 21 2003 FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (Star) If you move around the showbiz circle, you too must have received an "appeal for prayers" for Joey Albert, being passed from cellphone to cellphone. Funfare is making the same appeal, so I hope readers will say a little prayer for Joey who is based in Vancouver with her family. She needs lots of it.

You see, Joey was diagnosed to have a growth in her colon during a colonoscopy three days ago at a Vancouver hospital. Joeyís family, relatives and friends are deeply concerned and worried because in 1995 Joey was found to be suffering from cancer of the uterus. She has been on remission since then.

Besides, you probably didnít know that thereís a type of cancer known as "Albertís Colon" because it is, by some strange reasons, very common among the Alberts. In fact, Joeyís sister died of it a few years ago.

According to Funfareís Vancouver source, when Joey went to her doctor three days ago for the medical check-up she has been undergoing every six months since 1995, she was told to bring a companion to drive for her. After the diagnosis, she was asked to go back any time now for a protoscophy to determine whether the growth in her colon is malignant or benign.

Thus, the appeal for prayers.

If, knock on wood, the growth is malignant, Joey might have to undergo immediate surgery. If not, and letís pray that it isnít, Joey might come home and push through with her show slated on Aug. 14.

Also, pray for the speedy recovery of Nestor de Villa whoís in San Diego, California, recuperating from a surgery six weeks ago in L.A. Nestor is also battling the Big C (of the stomach).

Meteor Garden theme song translated

First, the bad news: The F4 guys, stars of the phenomenally-successful ABS-CBN chinovela (a word coined by Viva Boss Vic del Rosario, Jr.) Meteor Garden, arenít coming for a concert. If they ever do, it might be long from now and by then, who knows, they might not be as popular as they are now.

And now, the happy news: The group hasnít disbanded contrary to rumors. According to sources at Sony Music (distributor of F4 albums here), the four idols Ė Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu Ė are now busy recording their latest album which will be released early next year. Meteor Garden fans should pray hard that F4 will include the Philippines in its itinerary if ever they decide to embark on an Asian promo tour. F4 is a big hit not only in the Philippines but also in Taiwan (their home base), Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and other parts of Asia.

Meanwhile, Funfare readers have been requesting for the English translation of the Meteor Garden theme song entitled Qing Fei De Yi. Here it is, courtesy of Sony Music Philippines:

I. Nan yi wang ji chu ci jian ni

Iím finding it hard to forget the first time I laid eyes on you.

Yi shuang mi ren de yan jing

Ė A pair of mesmerizing eyes.

Zai wo nao hai li

In my mind,

Ni de shen ying

your shadow

Hui san bu qu

refuses to disperse.

II. Wo ni de shuang shou gan jue ni de wen rou

Holding your hands, feeling your gentleness,

Zhen de you dian tou bu guo qi

simply takes my breath away.

Ni de tian zhen

Your innocence

Wo xiang zhen xi

I want to cherish.

Kan dao ni shou wei qu

When I see you hurt

Wo hui shang xin

my heart is pained.


*Zhi pa wo zi ji hui ai shang ni

Only afraid that Iíd fall in love with you.

Bu gan rang zi ji kao de tai jin

Not daring to let myself come too close.

Pa wo mei shen me neng gou gei ni

Afraid I have nothing to offer you.

Ai ni ye xu yao hen da de yong qi

Loving you takes a great deal of courage.

*Zhi pa wo zi ji hui ai shang ni

Only afraid that Iíd fall in love with you.

Ye xu you tian hui qing bu zi jin

Perhaps one day my feelings will lose control.

Xiang nian zhi rang zi ji ku le zi ji

Longing for you can only torture me.

Ai shang ni shi wo qing fei de yi

I fell in love with you because I canít stop this feeling.

Bridge: Shen me yuan yin

What could be the reason


Wo jing ran you hui yu jian ni

I ran into you again.

Wo zhen de zhen de bu yuan yi

Iím really, really not willing to

Jiu zhe yang xian ru ai de xian jing.

fall into this love trap like this.

One more wannabe from Canada

Toronto has contributed a few talents to local showbiz, including Ariel Rivera, Vanessa del Bianco, singer Bong Chavez and Michelle Bayle. Is there room for one more?

Okay, then, letís welcome Shacel Faraon, 18, who was named Maharlikang Pilipino 2003 last June 18, beating 46 other equally handsome and talented aspirants. Standing 5í9" and weighing 170 lbs., Shacel first won the Toronto counterpart of the annual Maharlika search and competed here as that cityís representative, with the other winner scheduled to also compete in the Bodyshots contest here.

Shacel is a showbiz material, now being managed by Joey Gosiengfiao. He has the looks and the talent (can sing and can dance and, with acting ability that can easily be honed by a workshop). Any company interested? Paging Regalís Mother Lily! Star Cinemaís Malou Santos! Viva Boss Vic del Rosario, Jr.! Seiko Boss Robbie Tan!

Born in Calauan, Laguna, on May 22 (a Gemini) to Sally Taningco (a nurse) and Hector Faraon (a nautical engineer), Shacel, whose name was derived from his parents names, and his two siblings spent their growing-up years first in the United Arab Emirates where their parents worked and then in Toronto where they are now based. Shacel finished grades one to four in the UAE, and grades five to eight and high school in Toronto where heís now a Nursing freshman at the George Brown College.

Dreaming to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Aga Muhlach ("I love the way he looks and his decent image"), Shacel won six other special awards at the Maharlika contest (Mr. Personality, Mr. Photogenic, Most Flawless, Maharlika ng Gabi, Face of the Night and Mr. Striders Shoes).

Heís going back to Toronto in two weeks time to resume his studies. His manager Joey G. welcomes offers for his new alaga to do movies, TV shows or commercials.

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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