FERNANDO POE JR.Manila, May 15, 2003 -- RP Movie King Fernando Poe, Jr. teams up with Efren 
"Bata" Reyes,  King of Billiards, in the soon-to-be released "Pakners."

"In these trying times," said Ronnie, FPJ's pet name, "what can be more 
welcome than a movie which has action, comedy, romance and music? Plus, of 
course, world-class billiard game."

Ronnie said it took him two years to convince Bata to do the movie. "Kasi, 
he is always out of the country competing. I decided to wait for him to do 
this movie. I'm myself a billiard addict," Ronnie revealed.

Bata is a promdi in the movie. He bumps into Ronnie, who is a jeepney 
driver, in the city. They end up as "pakners" in the billiard hall.

Ronnie displays his expertise as a pool player when he teams up with Bata 
in the exciting finale of the movie, the San Miguel Beer 9-Ball National 
Doubles Challenge against the American team of McGrandy and Jackson.

In and out of the billiard hall, Ronnie and Bata make wonderful partners, 
so to speak. They are a sight to behold as they woo their respective 
leading ladies, January Isaac for Ronnie and Candy Pangilinan for Bata. 
They are both in their elements when they fight with their fists, do antics 
and even make beautiful music together as they sing with the other members 
of the cast in one scene in the movie.

"I've dreamt of doing a movie of this genre," stated Bata. "Alam ko kasing 
karamihan sa mga sumusubaybay sa akin ay mga kabataan. Sana, panoorin nila 
ang pelikulang ito."

Introduced before as Sandra Gomez, January would rather be known starting 
with "Pakners" by her real name, January Isaac. A martial arts enthusiasts 
in real life, she plays a tough lady cop, initially giving Ronnie a hard 
time but, needless, to say, eventually yielding to his charm. Candy is the 
screwball who makes the shy Bata come out of his shell.

A production of Ronnie's own FPJ Productions, "Pakners" is directed by Tony 
Reyes from a story which Ronnie himself wrote, together with Manny Buising 
and Ely Matawaran. As one of the writers of "Pakners," Ronnie uses his pen 
name, Ronwaldo Reyes.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved