NORA AUNORManila, May 13, 2003 -- No one, absolutely no one, can hold a candle as to 
how Nora Aunor succeeded in showbiz and earned the title "Superstar."

How she started her showbiz career is an open book to all of us. We all 
know that she had her ups and downs. But, we are a witness to her triumphs, 
that in every battle, she almost always emerges as the winner.

After more than four decades in the showbiz industry, Nora is still a name 
to reckon with.

  With her weeknights soap "Bituin" seen on ABS-CBN, Nora has won a new 
following. And quite a number of them are children, if not grandchildren of 
her followers, who have all remained faithful to her throughout the years.

ABS-CBN celebrates Nora's 50th year by airing an exclusive broad-cast of 
her birthday concert, "Gold," on May 25 over "Sunday Family Cinema."

The concert, which is produced by Ace Entertainment will be held at the 
Araneta Coliseum this Friday, May 17.

"Gold" will celebrate Nora's stellar career and is expected to bring back 
her magic to a sold-out audience at the Big Dome. As such, the concert 
features a lot of treats for devoted Noranians.

The highlight of the concert will be Nora's performance with young singers 
Carol Banawa and Desiree del Valle in the finale number. Desiree and Carol 
play her daughters in "Bituin."

There will also be a song number from her "Bituin" adversary Cherie Gil.

Her other guests are Zsa Zsa Padilla and Wency Cornejo.

"Gold" will also honor Nora's movie legacy and will show clips from her 
movies, now considered classics namely "Himala," "Minsan, May Isang 
Gamu-Gamo," "The Flor Con-templacion Story," "Sidhi," "Atsay," "Tatlong 
Taon Walang Diyos," "Tinik sa Dibdib" and "Bona," among others.

In Nora's concert, she will also be greeted by her friends, fans and 
colleagues. Among those who will wish her well are ABS-CBN executives 
Freddie M. Garcia, Charo Santos-Concio and Angelo Castro Jr.

* * *

"Gold" is expected to be a reunion of sorts, too, for Guy's (Nora's 
nickname) children. Lotlot, Ian, Matet, Kiko and Kenneth may not have any 
special participation in Guy's concert, but their presence will, no doubt, 
lend glitter, if not prestige to the show.

Guy's children (all surnamed de Leon) have, as of late, been very close to 
one another. Thanks to Guy's eldest daughter, Lotlot, who has lived up to 
expectations of playing the second mom to her siblings.

"I will only have one mother, no matter what," Lotlot once said in an 

"Being an adopted child, there will be mothers who will claim that I am 
their long-lost daughter. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and I 
will recognize them if they give me the necessary documents and proof that 
I am their child. However, deep inside me, Mommy Guy is still the sole 
mother I will look up too."

Nora's kids all know that it is only Ian who is her own flesh and blood. 
But as Ian herself once said in an interview: "Hindi naman kailangan 
magkadugo kayo para sabihin ninyong magkapatid kayo. In my case, I cannot 
imagine life without my siblings. I love them so much. And I know they all 
love me, too."

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved