Manila, July 28, 2003 (MALAYA) We are members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Today we stand before our people to declare our withdrawal of support from the chain of command of the AFP and the government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

We are not doing this because we want power or we want to destabilize our country. We are doing this because of the following major crimes of the government against our people:

First, the GMA government, through the AFP leadership and Secretary Angelo Reyes, has been selling bullets and arms from the government arsenal to the MILF, Abu Sayyaf and the NPA. These bullets, which kill our soldiers, actually came from the very government that we are fighting to defend. This is why there is a war for over 30 years now, and still our enemies have not run out of bullets. As evidence, all the bullets that were recovered from the enemy had the markings that they came from the DND arsenal.

A number of soldiers have died, and even more are going to die in a war that they do not plan to end. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been caught helpless in the crossfire. They do not want the war to end so that it will continue to be a milking cow of greedy and treacherous officials in the AFP and in the government.

We have experienced the true situation of our soldiers. We have shared hardships and sacrifices in the face of an armed conflict, but the support we need against the jaws of death have been pocketed by a few leaders looking out only for their selfish interests.

We believe that we cannot attain genuine peace while the corrupt and greedy are leading the AFP and the PNP. And without peace, the Philippines cannot prosper.

Second, the GMA government, through the special operations teams of Sec. Reyes and Gen. (Victor) Corpus, is responsible for the Davao City bombings. They did this to finally tag the MILF as terrorist, to serve as basis for asking from the anti-terrorist fund of the USA before GMA's visit. Civilian lives were sacrificed in exchange for the military hardware that GMA begged from the USA.

Third, we have uncovered GMA's plan to declare martial law this coming August so that her clique can perpetuate themselves in power beyond 2004. They will do this through a series of bombings in Metro Manila, which they would blame on different groups. The escape of Fathur Al-Ghozi was the start of this operation. Fellow Filipinos, the real terrorists are inside our government.

But we will not allow this to happen. We will not allow this dastardly plan of government to continue. We have sworn to protect the state and our people. We will not turn our back on this vow.

They will invoke the Constitution to confront us. But we all know that they violated the Constitution when they installed GMA through people power. We tolerated their stay in power because they promised to clean up the government and lift up the Filipino masses from poverty.

But over two-and-a-half years have passed since the GMA government was swept into power, and corruption among officials in government continues. The masses continue to sink deeper into poverty. And there is the added burden of worsening peace and order situation in our country.

Our people are now withdrawing what they have given to the administration of GMA. With them, we demand the resignation of our leaders in the present regime. It is no different from past administrations. This is a regime that thinks of nothing but holding on to power, to enrich themselves, and to coddle rich and influential personalities.

For these reasons, we are willing to sacrifice our lives today to pursue a program that is not tainted with politicking, and which we believe is the only hope for our nation to recover and progress. This is the National Recovery Program. If we analyze it, this is the only program, and no other, that provides solutions to the principal problems of our country.

To our people and our fellow soldiers, let us unite behind the NRP and remain vigilant to insure its realization.

We have taken this stand now, not only to air the grievances of the members of the AFP, but to lend our voice to the grievances of the Filipino people. To all our fellow members of the AFP and the Filipino people, if you judge that what we are fighting for is wrong, we stand here before you and you can take our lives. But if you judge that we are right, we ask you to take a stand and support our struggle. All of these are for a better future and for the good of the coming generations.

To the media institutions whose role is to present the truth about the situation and the grievances of the Filipino people, we hope for fairness and ask that you will not allow yourselves to be used by those who want to protect their vested interests. Let the real cry of our people be heard! Do not allow it to be stifled.

Together, we can help our Motherland rise again ... Let us begin now.

Long live the Filipino people!

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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