Nevada, USA, February 2, 2004 By Col(Ret) Frank B Quesada - I begin this treatise by quoting a famous lawyer and writer, Gerry Spence, who wrote the book, “ From Freedom to Slavery.” What I shall convey here were culled from sources that has bearing on the title of this article. There are some passages that were borrowed and transposed but has not drastically changed the text. They were properly picked over and quoted and or emphasized.

“In this country, we embrace the myth that we are still a democracy when and we know that we are not a democracy, that we are not free, that the government does not - serve us, but subjugate us. ”said Spence. “Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the government is no longer the servant of the people but, at last, has become the people’s master.” That is not what democracy is all about.. In the same token, another popular writer, William J. Lederer, who wrote the book, “The Ugly American,” and “A Nation of Sheep” said – “Are we a nation tranquilized by our own ignorance into a complacency that will soon be fatal?” “Are we a nation of people afraid to speak up on popular issues? And a nation of sheep”? Yes, indeed for the power of the people has been subtly taken away. Politicians have emasculated our democracy.

And another courageous writer , John A. Stormer, who wrote a book, entitled “None Dared Call it Treason,” who said, “For too long have been paralyzed by politics – nothing has been done about the real which threaten American menace.” As Winston Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government.”

I can go on and on citing these brave American authors – while the band still played on – and while this once great nation sinks in the quagmire of immorality and revilement. The particular case of the blatant maltreatment of the Filipino-American U.S Armed Forces servicemen – is only one of the outstanding victims of the rebirth of tyranny in America. It has been a tyranny of justice, of freedom, of fear, of poverty, of the media, and of our time. This tragedy haunts us because we allowed politicians regardless of party to betray all of us.

Finally, I add the treatise of another writer, Michael Parenti, who wrote the book, “Democracy for a Few.” that explored and considered conspiracies (by which he meant secret, unlawful, consciously planned crimes by persons in high places) to be part of the arsenal of structural rule.’ I add that that the two party system has long died to serve the taxpayers, and the war veterans who shed blood so that all of us may live in peace, including politicians who now tear down the government - what we veterans fought for in wars and conflicts.

Culled from the book, “People of the Lie,” by Dr. M. Scott Peck M.D. – we encounter evil everyday. And that evil people are easy to hate. However, he cautions us by remembering St. Augustine’s advice – “to hate the sin, but to love the sinner,” (in the City of God.). We can not begin to hope to heal human evil until we are able to look at it directly. It is not a pleasant sight – and we see the dark side, in the large part about the darkest member of our human community – judged to be evil, it was said. I present and discuss this subject in this treatise clinically based on the medical and practical aspect. What happened to the members of the U.S. Army servicemen, conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt, a constitutional act of the elected head of state -involving the Filipino-American nationals in a war of the United States against Japan in 1941-45, to go to Harm’s Way for the U.S. flag and U.S. imperial interests in the Philippines and Asia. What President Roosevelt did in 1941 was a official act with the tacit approbation and sanction of the sovereign citizens, but double-crossed and ignored by Congress at war with itself. It has been described by the late Brigadier General (Ret.) Carlos P. Romulo (a member of the general staff of Gen. Douglas McArthur) who took the floor of the US House of Representatives to denounce the passage of the Rescission Act of 1946 as anti-veteran, un-American and the crime against humanity by the cruel hoax of then 79th Congress. This was echoed by international veterans organizations (not to leave out the World Veterans Federation (WVF) as an example of a crime against humanity, anti-veteran by the U.S. against its own military servicemen who put their lives at risk in the frontlines.

If there was ever a holocaust in Europe in the extermination of the Jews, the 60 years of brutal oppression against the Fil-Am servicemen of the U.S. Armed Forces as hapless victims of the worst degree of oppression from a country that used its servicemen for perpetuating eternal war of destruction, and then gain money in loaning the destitute torn-down country later. This has been seen and described as an avid and serious violation of human laws. “This very act speaks the language of nihilism in propound diabolic fulfillment of a country’s political evil design against its constituents and allies. The concept of evil has been central to military thought of a permanent war economy as a desperate state of affairs of a nation backsliding towards its own extinction. .It has the shades of what was the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. To use its own people under this Rasputinan lunacy as in the case of Jamestown, likewise for low-intensity conflicts by government and present misplaced religious sects advocating mass suicide – under strange-Lovian madness reflects problem of evil within".

“Evil is in opposition to life itself. Did you ever see that evil when spells backward is “live.” Specifically it has to do with murder – an un-necessary killing unnecessary to biological` survival,” according to Dr. Pack.. “Therefore, evil is what kills the spirit. This is possible to kill or attempt to kill one of these attributes without actually destroying the body,”

The 60 years of repression of the Fil-Am WW-II veterans under the passage of the Rescission Act of 1946 carried over for 60 years – has broken down these men without harming a hair on his head. They were reduced under a definition of necrophilia under the desire of people to control them, and their money or livelihood, paraphrasing Dr. Peck. Thus, “ Evil – is that force residing either inside or outside human being that seeks to kill life.” For in the beginning, God created us in own image, therefore life is of sacred importance, ignored by politicians in power inebriated with borrowed power. Jesus was “ore interested in the spirit of life, in liveliness. While Satan has been the very spirit of evil. ”Jesus said. Those in government who have made a deal with Satan – in persecuting the veterans by murdering their spirit – and ultimately worst than a Nazi, borrowing Dr. Peck’s ideologue. “Evil is the yeast in the dough, a ferment placed in the soul that does not rise .” said Martin Buber.

An integrated diabolic dualism of evil man. Dr Peck’s definition varies as evil regarded as not being of God’s creation but a ghastly cancer beyond His control under misused God’s grant of individual will. Politicians as well as the present bogus self-anointed advocates in the veteran’s struggle for justice and full equity - are literally gouging holes in themselves destroying themselves in the process piece by piece by what veterans see in the politician’s act of retarding the payment of veteran’s compensation and benefits under piece-meal basis that have attempted to destroy the spirit of veterans, but not their will which was God-given. Veterans have learned to know that such manipulations by bogus advocates that did not have the tacit authority from them – are nothing but instruments of confusion to win some veterans ( but not the peo derant veterans majority) to the side of desperate advocates. Bum advocates who refuse to acknowledges heir own failures, actually are projecting evil onto others and it is no wonder that the community misinterpret the legislative and lobby process by hating themselves for believing the gullible media that were falsely used. to mislead them. Bogus advocates exposed to their mistakes are no less people with serious identifiable psychiatric problems in desperately need treatment who failed to accept such need and thus gouge themselves. The sicker these people – the more dishonest they become in their behavior, and their distorted and dishonest thinking.-overwhelmed by the sickness, observed by Dr. Peck.

Right-thinking veterans could hardly be in the same room with them, feeling unclean in their presence. Veteran’s feeling of revulsion appear instant if such evil encountered is blatant,. as in the case of government officials who betray constituents.. It is compared to a doctor’s ineptitude in the operating table whose scalpel is used carelessly. It has been said the revulsion has been a powerful emotion that causes them to immediately escape such revoking presence based from Dr. Peck’s authoritative findings. `Evil has been revoking because it is dangerous, for it contaminates others and destroy a person who remains too long in the evil’s presence. So - as revulsion as a counter-transference, according to Dr. Peck – is an instinctive and is God-given early warning radar system in man to reject evil. “Evil are in the case of “people of the lie” deceiving others as they also build upon layers of self-deception. They have consigned themselves to hell – they are already in it. God does not punish us, we punish ourselves. For those who are in hell are there by their own choice.” Self-anointed advocates who have false to the trust betrayed veterans could indeed walk the right path and release themselves from the clutches of the devil, albeit, have but been stuck in a difficult and painful frightening pact with evil, which they could not extricate themselves anymore. So they remain in hell – because for them, it seems safe and easy for them there.

And in the case of those in government – such evil people in politics and those with temerity can be rapidly influenced by the smell of money and by raw power borrowed from the electors. They commit crimes behind the curtain of power and immunity that rebound on their faces and reputation. What goes around, come around (karma). “They are no less criminals who commit crimes against life and people’s liveliness. In the case of Hitler, who achieved extra-ordinary degree of political power which removed them from ordinary restraints, their crimes are so subtle and covert that hey cannot clearly be designated as crimes. The theme of hiding and covertness will occur again and again.” said Dr. Peck. Famous psychiatrist, Jung ascribe “to such failure of man to “meet” the shadow. Because the central defect of the evil is not sin but the refusal to acknowledge it.” In conclusion, the devil said to those guilty of treason – “I like your style, so wicked and so free.” But the wages of sin is no other than death. (New Testament, Romans VI,3) Those who sell the instrument of lies and death – and those who buy them or use them – are the greater criminal on this planet earth.”. said Bob Sherwood. Our time is the true test of our souls – even before the nearing “End Time.” Conscience is God’s presence in all of us. It makes cowards of many of us, thus gives aid and comfort to the criminals of our time.

“Homo sum.humani nil a me alienum puto" I am man, created by God, thus anything inhuman can not be voided. A price have to be paid.


Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved