Manila, July 30, 2003 By Non Alquitran (Star) The government has begun efforts to confiscate billions of pesos in assets and properties of suspected drug syndicate leader Jackson Dy and other persons involved in the operation of several shabu laboratories and safehouses in Metro Manila and Cavite.

Deputy Director General Edgar Aglipay, head of the police Anti-Drug Special Operations Task Force (AID-SOTF), has coordinated with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to fast-track the prosecution and forfeiture of assets and properties of Dy, as well as those of other Chinese and Taiwanese nationals arrested for their roles in the operation of the shabu laboratories.

"A financial investigation is underway for the possible freezing of billions of pesos in assets of Dy and his cohorts and subsequently its forfeiture in favor of the government," an AID-SOTF official told The STAR.

Aglipay has arranged a meeting between representatives of AID-SOTF, AMLC and the DOJ anytime this week. Representing the drug busters are Superintendents Charles Calima and Nelson Yabut, operations chief and team leader, respectively.

The AMLC is composed of top officials of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Securities and Exchange Commission and the Insurance Commission.

"We intend to have a case conference so we can have a coordinated effort in this undertaking. Dy’s case will serve as a test case in our effort to pin down drug syndicates operating in the country," the AID-SOTF source said.

According to the same official, the AID-SOTF will provide documentation on the assets and properties of Dy and his cohorts for the DOJ and the AMLC to work on.

Apart from billions of pesos worth of shabu and raw materials used for the manufacture of illegal drugs, the government also confiscated from Dy and his cohorts a mansion on a 3,000-square meter lot, two condo units, a townhouse, two jet skis, a speedboat, a yacht and a Jaguar during separate raids in Cavite, Pasay City and Parañaque City.

"We want to have an airtight case against Dy and his cohorts for them to spend the rest of the lives in jail," Yabut said in an interview.

The AID-SOTF, he said, can prove that Dy and his cohorts have been living in luxury despite their having no high-paying jobs. Dy and five other Chinese nationals, including his wife, were arrested by combined elements of AID-SOTF and Bureau of Immigration headed by Superintendents Federico Laciste Jr. and Willy Quidato, project officer and intelligence chief, respectively, at a hotel in Pasay City last week.

It was Dy, whose real name is Li Lan Yan, 42, who led the raiders to the shabu laboratory in Barangay Capipisa in Tanza, Cavite, a condo unit in Pasay City and the Marina Bay Homes in Parañaque City.

Dy, who speaks Tagalog, told The STAR he was not involved in the illegal drug business. "Hindi ako lider ng sindikato ng shabu," he said. He refused to elaborate.

But he admitted purchasing for the drug syndicate the house and lot in Cavite for the sum of P10 million. He said he earned P200,000 in the said transaction.

Dy also admitted owning the house in Parañaque City and a condo unit in Pasay City which he bought for P7 million and 4.5 million, respectively.

When asked how he was able to raise the millions for the purchase of luxurious houses and condo units, Dy said he earned large commissions for being in the real estate business. He also admitted providing for the family of his in-laws though he has no other source of income.

When told that the government is bent on confiscating his assets and properties, Dy froze and was speechless during an interview inside a room of a safehouse, where he and his fellow prisoners are being held.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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