THE BOOK ON LOOKSManila, July 19, 2003 By Therese Jamora-Garceau (STAR) So many makeup books, so little time. Almost every celebrity makeup artist, it seems, has written a beauty manual for women. A few, like the late, great Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown, have written more than one. So, how to sift through all these weighty, temptingly packaged titles and decide which one is right for you? Weíve done the work and judged these books by more than their covers.

BOBBI BROWN BEAUTY EVOLUTION: A Guide to a Lifetime of Beauty

By Bobbi Brown with Sally Wadyka

Itís all about: How to look great at any age.

If you donít have Brownís earlier titles, Bobbi Brown Beauty and Teenage Beauty, donít despair. You can have those two books for the price of one in Beauty Evolution, which thoughtfully condenses all her philosophies and tips from the previous books, then adds more helpful information. Brown tackles womenís beauty issues decade by decade, listing makeup essentials for twentysomethings up to seventysomethings and beyond (like, who knew that tinted moisturizer is the best "foundation" for both your twenties and your seventies? Or that you should definitely adopt a "no-curler" haircut by the time youíre 60?). Other chapters I found really helpful were "Beauty by Skin Tone" and "Beauty by Hair Color", which teaches makeup application for Asians and what color palette is best for brunettes. The myriad other chapters are icing on the cake: Brown espouses a holistic approach to beauty, which means not just spackling the outside but taking care of the inside through diet, exercise and lifestyle. She notices thereís a lot of self-hate among women out there, thanks to the impossible images of beauty presented in womenís magazines. First, she deflates the myth by exposing a few fashion-industry secrets: namely, how they create those "perfect" illusions through makeup, good lighting and photo retouching (your eyes will be opened forever after seeing her Before and After shots). Brown then peppers her book with "beauty reality", showing real photographs of real women sans airbrushing. The result? Youíll come away from this book inspired and encouraged to make the most of yourself well into your eighties.

Perfect for: Women of all ages, shapes and colors. Thereís truly something for everyone in this all-inclusive book.

THE MAKE-UP BOOK: Every Womanís Guide to the Art of Applying Make-Up

By Joy Terri

Itís all about: How to apply makeup like a pro.

Joy Terri, a South African makeup artist who runs her own makeup school, teaches that most valuable of skills, the art of corrective makeup. In laymanís terms, that means maximizing your assets and minimizing your flaws using the right colors and a few well-placed strokes of the brush. Terri, who worked in London before opening her school, explains the basics, from the necessary tools (always go for quality brushes) to the correct products (youíll learn about different textures and their functions).

What sets her book apart, though, is her chapter on color. Most women are unaware of "cool" and "warm" makeup colors and how they can enhance or actually detract from their looks. For example, if you have warm yellow undertones in your skin and you wear cool-colored makeup (like bright-pink lipstick), instead of flattering your face you could actually be calling more attention to your blemishes and imperfections. To avoid such future faux pas, in her book Terri guides you through a color test to determine whether youíre "warm" or "cool", and provides palettes that complement each skin tone.

Perfect for: Beauty beginners who donít know what makeup colors suit them or how to apply these. Though some makeup artists consider corrective makeup an outmoded concept and claim that women can wear any color they want, isnít it better to spend your money on flattering colors that help you put your best face forward with a minimum of fuss?


By Sonia Kashuk

Itís all about: Having fun with makeup, and how to care for yourself top to toe.

Sonia Kashuk is the latest celebrity makeup artist to join the ranks of "author". It was just a matter of time: Kashuk was the beauty guru behind good friend Cindy Crawfordís Basic Face workbook, and her eponymous line of cosmetics sold at Target is so popular itís hard to keep in stock (shows you how women canít resist something so cheap and so chic).

Supermodel Crawford, who wrote the foreword, is just one of the long line of celebrities and models who grace the pages of this exquisitely laid-out and photographed book. Youíll also see Christy Turlington, actress Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries), Paulina Porizkova and Estella Warren with hardly any makeup on. This illustrates one of Kashukís basic philosophies Ė that makeup isnít a mask to hide behind but a glorious tool to play up what you already have. "Every woman has something beautiful about her, [and] no two women are beautiful in the same way," she insists.

Kashukís style is fun, breezy and feisty at the same time. I enjoyed the way she dished on the beauty industry (news flash: Great foundation doesnít have to cost a ton... you donít need a suitcase-size makeup case to do a daily face... and knowledge [about skincare and application techniques] is more valuable than this yearís red lipstick), and her rebellious attitude. Like how she creates a dramatic look using only one product (a black kohl pencil). Best of all, Kashuk knows there are a lot of competing makeup books out there, so she pushes the envelope by including a DVD, which shows step-by-step how she applied the makeup to achieve the looks in her book. Thereís also a special section in both book and DVD where hair, skin, fitness and nutrition experts weigh in on how you can attain real beauty. The only thing missing? Kashukís range of cosmetics, which sadly arenít sold here.

Perfect for: Beauty junkies, and visually oriented women who want to watch and emulate an expert in action. * * *

All titles are available at National Book Store and Powerbooks.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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