MANILA,  January 8, 2004 (STAR) SPYBIZ by S.A. Maguire - Our ear-spies have reported that Ambassador and former Solicitor General Raul Goco agreed to join the FPJ bandwagon team Dec. 23 last year. He has been designated to head FPJ’s legal team and is now casting about for volunteers. He is currently working to broker a meeting between FPJ and his former boss FVR, for what purpose, we can only guess.

It seems LAKAS-CMD is also undergoing a weeding-out process just like the opposition parties.

Why Raul Roco chose Hermie

Although Hermie Aquino is virtually unknown in the present political scheme of things, he’s known well enough to Raul Roco to choose him as HOPE vice presidential candidate because it’s allegedly a good political strategy. According to our ear-spies, in case both Roco and Aquino win the elections, the previously obscure Hermie will not grab the spotlight away from his so-called presidential benefactor. Roco obviously wants to be the only "star."

As a political strategy, it may appear that Roco would end up getting all the pieces of the pie even with an Aquino by his side. But Roco has to remember that the former minister of Human Settlements is not at all a neophyte in the political scene.

What bird perches on a red pole?

Intelligence sources have just recently tagged a prominent survey agency as a front organization of the research center of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the New People’s Army (NPA). A former CPP member in the ANAD partylist said that the main purpose of this polling agency is to allegedly deceive and divide the nation. Reports from numerous intelligence sources have pinpointed the executive director of this agency as a registered and active member of the CPP. Private and business sector groups are concerned because the Left might use and influence poll results to derail the closely-contested presidential race between GMA and FPJ, with the purpose of ultimately getting the upper hand. Can someone please tell the CPP that Communist China is fast becoming one of the most powerful capitalists in the arena of globalized economy?

No-go Golez

Palace ear-spies revealed that the real reason National Security Adviser Roilo Golez resigned was his estrangement from GMA. Supposedly, this rift came about because of numerous wrong policies and assessments allegedly made by Golez for the past three years. One example was when he pushed for a US defense contractor – at the instigation of the Annapolis classmates – to partner with RP for aviation enhancement projects. After a memorandum of agreement was signed during GMA’s US state visit last May, the contractor’s executives didn’t fund the feasibility study. Their reason: they see no revenues in the region for the next few years. The president reportedly put Golez in the "doghouse" when US National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice fumed over Golez’s exaggerated assessment of the threat to President Bush’s drive from Malacańang to the Batasan. Our ear-spies overheard that at first, Golez moved mightily to replace former Defense Chief Angelo Reyes. When Eduardo Ermita was given the DND post instead, Golez allegedly planned to run against Alma Moreno for the mayoralty of Paranaque City. But when he realized he would lose badly, he opted to run for his old congressional seat, with the strong possibility of going against Mayor Joey Marquez. It seems 2004 is a no-go for Golez.

SpyBiz email response

We received an email the other day, asking us "Why do you keep on hitting gays? There are many of us who are successful professionals, well-respected in our community, and talented individuals in various fields of our expertise. We are Filipinos doing our part to help the country." Let SPYBIZ categorically state that we are not in the business of gay bashing. In fact, we have a lot of friends in the gay community, and many of them are members of our Spyring who continue to provide us with credible information about unscrupulous people. What we do not like are social climbing closet queens who lord it over helpless victims and use their position to blackmail them. We will continue to watch these people and expose them for what they really are.

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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