MANILA, September 30, 2003  (STAR) SPYBIZ By S.A. Maguire - Our ear-spies got word that former NPA cadres from Tarlac whom Ninoy Aquino helped get back to the fold of the law when he was senator said that they’re prepared to liquidate Mayor Joey Marquez who destroyed the honor and image of their benefactor’s youngest daughter. According to our ear-spies, there are also some people who offered to "rough up" the mayor "to teach him a thing or two about honoring and respecting women." Many believe the whole "telenovela" might turn ugly because some people are already thinking of taking the law into their own hands. Many believe that the media has somehow blown the whole issue out of proportion, and the seeming battle of the networks has kindled a deep hatred for the Mayor of Parañaque City. The Philippine National Police should be made aware of this seeming "death sentence" hanging over the head of Joey Marquez.

Soliciting Agitation

According to our very reliable ear-spy that just as a presidential legal adviser got the present administration in hot water with the United States over the Balikatan ’03 TOR and the issue of constitutionality of the joint training exercises, someone from the Office of the Solicitor General angered the whole of Palawan by deciding that it has no jurisdiction over Malampaya. Many fear that the alleged "legal misdemeanor" might provoke some local rebel groups to take advantage of the squabble and make the province ripe for "terrorist" agitation. It seems a lot of government officials are "making" the wrong legal moves lately, provoking condemnation on the present government. Could this be a well-orchestrated plan to discredit GMA?

Tycoon Advantage

Our email ear-spies received reliable information that the media group of the son of a famous tycoon of the shopping mall fame is working double time to bury the report that the tycoon’s son is currently out on bail. The tycoon’s son is reportedly charged with estafa under criminal case No. B-2003-345 filed in Bacoor, Cavite. To get the legal advantage, rumor has it that the tycoon’s family tapped the services of "The Firm." However, one member of "The Firm" was overheard by our ear-spy in his beach house, saying in effect, "[The tycoon’s son] is guilty from head to toe, and there’s no legal way to get him off the hook. Fortunately for him, he got us!" Apparently, in this country, wealth equals immunity.

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

According to our ear-spies, a large number of business groups are afraid that a celebrity candidate might bag the presidential seat in 2004. That’s why these businessmen are coming together to push for either a Danding Cojuangco or a GMA presidency. ABS-CBN’s all-news channel ANC conducted a survey yesterday confirming the businessmen’s preference where Danding Cojuangco and GMA came out as their top choices for the coming May elections. According to our own ear-spy survey, businessmen believe having Danding Cojuangco or GMA as president is the only way to prevent a serious economic and political disaster from hitting the country. These businessmen also said that they are more than ever willing to "put their money where their mouth is."

Ssshhhhh!!!…This Is Just Between Us…

Whoever said that the Essensa unit of Joey Marquez belongs to his sister is apparently just trying to get the Mayor off the hook. According to our ear-spies, no person will ever buy such an expensive condominium unit just so someone else – even a close sibling – could use it as a personal love nest. Considering that the monthly rent is about P100,000, no one in his or her right mind would use it as one would use a cheap motel. And speaking of motels, a very popular "stopover" place that used to be number one in the motel industry, in an apparent move to save the company from bankruptcy, slashed 70-percent off its regular "short-time" and overnight rates. According to our industry ear-spies, supposed mismanagement coupled with really stiff competition (from high-end condominiums and hotels, perhaps?) almost forced the motel company to close down. Sssshh – this is just between us…

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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