AUBREY MILES PHOTOManila, April 29, 2003 -- The long-standing desire of millions of readers finally finds fulfillment on the big screen as Regal Entertainment unreels the much-awaited and sure-to-be-controversial "Xerex Xaviera."

The film topbills the currently undisputed babe of choice Aubrey Miles under the helm of acclaimed director Mel Chionglo who directs from a screenplay penned by the multi-awarded Roy Iglesias. Jake Roxas, Jon Hall and Kalani Ferreria top the bill with Aubrey in the film. Not a few believe "Xerex" to be Aubrey Miles' next big ticket to the box office and an apt followup to her megabuck hit film debut and career-making "Prosti." A red-hot winning streak many from in and out of the industry predict to happen before the exciting summer ends.

"Xerex Xaviera" started out as a sex advice column in the widely-read Abante tabloid in July of 1988 to capture a highly phenomenal readership quotient. In the process making itself a byword that for 15 years now still continues to enjoy a wide following. The sex column soon evolved into a sex literary column that chronicles the sensual exploits and sex experiences of letter senders from all walks of life, most of them in graphic detail and oftentimes, curiously interesting.

Xerex, the column, started out as Pinoy counterpart to the best-selling stateside novel, The Happy Hooker. A book written by Xaviera Hollander whose exploits as a real-life hooker tells many stories not only about her life as such but also, her many extraordinary encounters with the many men in her life.

Soon, Xerex Xaviera came to its own with its stories of sexual encounters with a curiously entertaining Pinoy flavor. "Xerex Xaviera," the film, captures these experiences as told from the point of view of Xerex. The film tells three stories-"Kama," "O," and "Butas."

"Kama" tells the story of a cloistered teenage girl whose dalliances with a campus heartthrob reveal an unexplored side to her sexuality-those characterized by sex done on the sly and in the most unexpected places such as a masquerade ball, in the car's backseat, and more.

"O" mixes sex with new age. A young woman set to be married to a longtime boyfriend begins to entertain ideas of backing out from her later date after an orgasmic night of sex with a hunky beach resort lifeguard whose bedside acrobatics cast a spell on her. A spell she has to snap out from before time runs out.

"Butas" tells a voyeur's story. A Makati elevator girl fantasizes about her dreamboat, a dashing young corporate executive, while at the same time becomes obsessed with the goings-on at home-with her next-door neighbors. A couple whose sex bouts she eavesdrops on through a hole in her wall. (Malaya)

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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