Picture of Aubrey MilesQuezon City, April 13, 2003 - Aubrey Miles explores the exciting, wondrous adult world of sex in the upcoming Regal Entertainment picture, the filmization of the widely followed Abante sex column, "Xerex" set to heat up the big screens later this month.

Playing the role of the woman of experience, Xerex Xaviera, whose tabloid accounts of sexual experiences of the many men she encounters, opens up a new and revitalizing chapter in the genre. Under the helm of the acclaimed Mel Chionglo who fashions a highly contemporary take on sexuality, the film elicits curiosity towards fleshy fantasies that have long been wanting to see cinematic daylight finally, after 15 years of huge readership.

"Playing Xerex Xaviera in the film is like being given the chance to give a face to the worldly woman most men have for 15 years now, have only imagined," says Aubrey. "That chance to be her, that chance to show everybody how and what she would most probably look like, act like and sound like is the big challenge here."

In "Xerex," Aubrey's sexual exploits focus on three men. Men played in the film by Jake Roxas, Jon Hall and Kalani Ferreria. These exploits, however, are not necessarily limited to these men.

"She has other boyfriends, of course," says director Chionglo, "men with whom the character Aubrey plays, present the many possibilities open to a woman as desirable as her. But we center on these three guys for the reason that they too give a face to the once faceless men contemporary women all around have always had to contend with without necessarily creating stereotypes. How Xerex comes to deal with these three men, is the point of the story."

Jake Roxas, who tries his hand for the first time in "bold" movies, plays the budding chauvinist macho whose campus reputation gets shot.

Kalani Ferreria, cager turned actor, plays a boorish stud whose bedside acrobatics is his only saving grace.

Jon Hall essays the role of a corporate dreamboat who is yet to be aware of an elevator girl's sexual fantasies revolving around him.

"Every girl has a horny story running in her mind that she seldom tells anybody," says Aubrey. "Some of them, she later lives out, some of them she keeps to herself. Sexual fantasies happen to women too. It's up to the men to figure out what these fantasies are."

"Xerex" opens in Metro Manila theaters late this month. (By MARIO E. BAUTISTA, Malaya)

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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