Manila, April 28, 2003 -- The military intelligence chief's "star witness," 
Angelo "Ador" Mawanay, yesterday linked presidential spouse Jose Miguel 
"Mike" Arroyo, National Bureau of Investigation Director Reynaldo Wycoco 
and alleged Hong Kong Drug Triad agent Mary "Rosebud" Ong to the 
assassination of Supt. John Campos.

The former government star witness called for a thorough investigation of 
the possible involvement of the First Gentleman and lawyer Victor Padilla, 
Wycoco and Ong in the murder of Campos.

Campos, a former lover of Ong who had publicly scorned her, was shot down 
in cold blood in an open diner last December by still unidentified men.

The suspects are believed to be from the military or the police force, as 
the assassination was performed in precise fashion and the M-16 firearms 
used are those normally used by the police and military.

To this day, the investigation of the Campos murder case has yielded a 
blank wall.

Mawanay provided the Tribune with copies of what he called fabricated 
e-mail messages crafted by him allegedly on orders of Mike Arroyo, to make 
them appear as messages coming from President Arroyo's political foes, from 
opposition Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson to Senior Supt. Michael Ray Aquino.

The former government witness claimed he was billeted at a hotel in Ermita, 
Manila, and provided with a computer, after which he was allegedly told by 
Mike Arroyo and lawyer Padilla to set up two fictitious e-mail accounts in 
the names of Lacson: ( and ( in, an Internet service provider.

Mawanay told the Tribune he had complied with the instructions of Mike 
Arroyo and Padilla. He also claimed that he can prove that he set up these 
fake e-mail accounts.

"This can be proved by the fact that I have the passwords to open these 
accounts, which I can demonstrate anytime, anyplace," Mawanay said.

The e-mail messages spoke of an operation "to execute a target" under the 
code name "Pearl of the Orient."

Mawanay also told the Tribune that Operation Plan (Oplan) Pearl of the 
Orient was a fictitious undertaking which nobody knew about except himself, 
Mike Arroyo and his alleged go-between, lawyer Padilla.

He pointed out that "nobody was supposed to know about the fictitious 
operation (going) by the name of 'Operation Pearl of the Orient' except the 
presidential spouse and Padilla," saying "Rosebud's tearful 'revelations' 
on radio and television on the fictitious that she has 
knowledge, directly and indirectly, of the instructions" given to him by 
Mike Arroyo and Padilla.

The e-mail messages, with the first one dated Nov. 30, made to appear as 
though they were coming from Lacson's e-mail box, read as follows:
"Execute plan asap Operation Pearl of the Orient should be executed in a 
week's time.
The second Mawanay-fabricated electronic mail dated Dec. 4, 2002, stated 
the following:
"Our target (will) be arriving soon. Tell your men to be in position (and 
to) take extra measure(s).
"To insure smooth and accurate execution of target, I want a situation that 
all be surprise(d).
Campos was assassinated on Dec. 5, 2002 at 1:55 a.m.

He was among the narcotics agents investigated by the Senate last year for 
alleged illegal drug links and was closely associated with Lacson.

"Rosebud" Ong, minutes after the murder, went on radio and immediately 
linked Lacson to Campos' death, saying Lacson was the brains behind the 
murder. She also bared immediately after the killing of Campos Oplan Pearl 
of the Orient, which Mawanay claims was something he had just made up and 
wondered aloud how Rosebud could have known of this, unless she, too, was 
in on the assassination plot against Campos.

The statement Mawanay furnished the Tribune said he was used by the "Arroyo 
administration to 1) destroy the integrity of a number of prominent 
individuals in the opposition, notably, Sen. Panfilo Lacson and President 
Joseph Ejercito Estrada, and 2) attempt to illegally hack into certain bank 
accounts and transfer the funds therein to other 'dummy' bank accounts they 

Mawanay claimed to be a "reformed sinner" and that he is now making amends 
through his recantation.

He recalled what he was ordered to do by Mike Arroyo and his alleged 
cohorts at the time he was a government witness.

"In November 2002, I was asked by First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, through his 
contact, lawyer Victor Padilla, to stay at the Cherry Blossoms Hotel in 
Ermita, and at a residential house at 387 Buenacamino St., San Miguel, 
Manila (near Malacaņang Palace). It is my understanding that Mike Arroyo 
paid for the expenses of my stay in the hotel and for the lease of the 
residential house.

"I was provided with a computer, and told by Mike Arroyo and lawyer Padilla 
to set up two fictitious e-mail accounts in the names of Sen. Panfilo 
Lacson ( and Senior Supt. Michael Ray Aquino 
( in, an Internet service provider. I 
complied with their instructions. That I set up these fake e-mail accounts 
is proved by the fact that I have the passwords to open these accounts, 
which I can demonstrate anytime, anyplace," he said in the statement.

The first e-mail message was attached as Annex A.

Mawanay claimed he was supposed to have attended "a meeting between Mike 
Arroyo, NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco and two other senior police officials 
on Dec. 1, 2002 but, at the last minute, Atty. Padilla told me that it is 
better not to be present in said meeting for security reasons.

"On Dec. 4, 2002, I was again instructed by Atty. Padilla, allegedly upon 
instructions of Mike Arroyo, to prepare the second e-mail, which spoke of 
the 'target arriving soon.'"
Mawanay said a few days after he had inputted in the fake e-mail account of 
Lacson the aforementioned fabricated e-mail message, Campos was brutally 
gunned down by an unknown assailant in Bicutan, south of Manila.

He added he is asking the Philippine National Police to conduct a thorough 
investigation on the possible involvement of Mike Arroyo, lawyer Padilla, 
Wycoco and "Rosebud" in the Campos murder.

Mawanay had stated that "there is no such thing as an "Operation Pearl of 
the Orient."
He claimed to have been told by Mike Arroyo and Padilla to make this up.

Mawanay said Lacson and Aquino were not involved in any operation to 
"execute a target." The supposed e-mail communications between Lacson and 
Aquino, he added, were fabricated.

"Nobody is supposed to know about a fictitious operation by the name of 
'Operation Pearl of the Orient' except Mike Arroyo and Padilla," Mawanay said.

He also asked to be immediately placed under the government's Witness 
Protection Program to shield him from "expected threats coming from the 
powerful individuals I am accusing now."

Mawanay stressed that he is in the process of preparing all the pertinent 
documents to prove to the public that the illegal bank transactions which 
would frame Lacson up were planned by Mike Arroyo.

"As I said, I am a reformed sinner, and I vow to reveal the evils of this 
administration in reparation for my sins, and so that the public may, never 
again, support an evil, bloodthirsty and power and money-hungry regime." 

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved