Manila, April 5, 2003  Controversial witness Angelo Mawanay's former 
counsel, lawyer Argee Guevarra, yesterday revealed there was truth in the 
sworn statement issued by his former client, saying that as Mawanay's 
lawyer, he had already heard these charges last year.

Guevarra said he had heard Mawanay's accusations against the First 
Gentleman, Padilla and Col. Victor Corpus, chief of the Intelligence 
Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Guevarra, in a telephone interview yesterday, stressed he is no longer 
Mawanay's lawyer and played no part in preparing the affidavit presented by 
the former government witness against Lacson. He, however, stated he can 
attest to the accusations made by Mawanay on the claimed smear campaign on 
Lacson, as instructed by Mr. Arroyo, as told to him earlier by Mawanay.

Guevarra explained he was a former law partner of lawyer Victor Padilla of 
the Padilla, Oliveros, Guevarra, Ibay and Benedicto Law firm but that he 
was sacked for refusing to participate in what Mawanay was instructed to do.

"He (Padilla) ousted me for not agreeing to what he wanted Mawanay to do," 
Guevarra said.

Mawanay charged that Padilla was a friend and lawyer of the First Gentleman 
and that he was tasked with the job of seeing to it that the "assignment" 
given to him by the First Gentleman were carried out to the letter.

"I told Ador not to allow them to use him," the lawyer recalled the 
conservation with his client.

He also affirmed Mawanay's statement that Corpus threatened to implicate 
his former client in money laundering if he did not accede to the demands 
of the Isafp, saying he was present when this was told to Mawanay by Corpus.

The lawyer, however, declined to reveal more information because he said, 
"this was between him and his client."

"This is privileged information that could be revealed at the proper 
forum," he said. (Tribune)

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

All rights reserved