Manila, Feb. 23, 2003 -- Followed by millions of readers for 15 long years, of the bestselling sex column "Xerex Xaviera." finally finds fulfillment on the big screen, as Regal Entertainment gears for its filming.

The currently hot babe Aubrey Miles stars under the helm of internationally-acclaimed director Mel Chionglo, from a screenplay penned by the much-awarded Roy Iglesias.

It's been close to four years since a big acquisition like Xerex Xaviera has been at the backburner waiting for the right time to be filmed.

"Since Regal acquired the rights to do the film, ngayon lang talaga kami nagkaroon ng tamang vibes to do it," says Lily Y. Monteverde whose 40-year-old company bagged the rights for the filmization of the widely-read Abante sex column. "We chose Aubrey Miles to star in it because I personally feel right about it. She is Xerex. Young, candid, worldly and very, very exciting."

The phenomenal "Xerex Xaviera" column started as a sex advice column in the widely-read Abante tabloid in July, 1988. It soon evolved into a literary column of sorts telling about the sexual exploits and experiences of letter-senders from various walks of life as told to the fictional Xerex Xaviera.

"Xerex Xaviera" soon enough captured the imagination and fantasy of millions of adult readers to make the name into a household word-a captive readership it continues to enjoy to this day.

"It all started as the Pinoy counterpart of the bestselling stateside novel, The Happy Hooker," explains Chionglo. "A book written by Xaviera Hollander whose exploits as a real-life hooker tells many stories not only about her life as such but also her many extraordinary encounters with the many men in her life. Soon, 'Xerex Xaviera' came to its own with stories of sexual encounters told with a curiously entertaining Pinoy flavor. Iba kasi makipag-sex ang Pinoy eh!"

With Aubrey Miles in "Xerex Xaviera, The Film," are Jake Roxas, Carlo Maceda, and newcomer-cager Khalani Ferreira. The film sees viewing daylight this April.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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