Maui Taylor and Katya SantosQuezon City, Feb. 6, 2003 -- Do bold sirens Katya Santos and Maui Taylor, ages 20 and 22, respectively, enjoy doing sexy scenes in their movies?

"Yes, we do," both said matter of factly.

Katya was launched as a bold star via "Sukdulan," which reportedly raked a cool P6 million on its first day of exhibition. It is still showing.

Maui, meanwhile, has two bold movies to her name: "Gamitan," her launching bold vehicle, and "Hibla," with Rica Peralejo.

As far as the two of them are concerned, they elaborated, taking off their clothes and showing off their bare bodies on the big screen is just a job. So, what's wrong with that?

"Nang pumayag akong mag-bold, I know what I was going into. Hindi naman ako nag-turn bold star headlong," Katya said.

She was 16, according to Katya, when Viva Films asked her if she wanted to go bold. As she was not yet prepared for it, she declined the offer.

When she turned 20 recently, a Viva Films executive again proposed that she disrobe. "This time, I sought the advice of my family. Lalo na ng father ko.

"We discussed the pros and cons of going bold. But in the end, sabi nila sa akin, walang puwedeng gumawa ng desisyon para sa akin kung hindi ako lang."

In the case of Maui, she knew what she wanted when she felt her career was going nowhere after doing sweet roles for about three years. Thus, she did not think twice when Viva Films offered her the top role in "Gamitan," should she agree to go bold.

"Kung inaakala ng iba that I regretted what I've done, they are wrong. In fact, when I did my second movie, 'Hibla,' I was more at home na with the genre I've chosen," she said with a smile.

Katya and Maui are featured, along with six other sex sirens, Andrea del Rosario, Kristine Jaca, Jen Rosendahl, Miles Hernandez, Gwen Garci and Hazel Cabrera, in a VCD, called "Viva Hot Babes." The MTV (sort of) is a seductive peek at the eight male fantasies. The VCD shows the girls doing everything from car wash whimsies to body painting visions culminating in a beach fashion show with the girls no longer in their bikinis and sarongs.

The VCD sells at P250 each.

"I want to emerge as the next Rosanna Roces," said Katya. "I want to follow in her footsteps. She rose from being a bold star to an award-winning drama performer. And now, she is a TV host.

"Like her, I don't intend to be a bold star for long. I am giving myself three years lang. Then, I will start a business of my own.

"Before I decided to do bold films, I made sure that I finished my studies muna. I have a degree in business management from I-AME (International Academy of Management and Economics).

"My ultimate dream, though, is to get married and have a family. By that time, I would have bade showbiz goodbye."

Meanwhile, Maui has this to say: "My decision to go bold surprised my Mom. Alam niya kasing may pagka-conservative ako. Ganunpaman, she has chosen to support me. She was with me when I approached my Viva Films bosses and told them I wanted to go bold na.

"But even if I am busy with my work, I am determined to finish with my studies. Hanggang ngayon, nag-a-aral pa ako (school undisclosed).

"I may not be an A-student, but my grades are okay. Kahit pa ngayong full-time na ang pag-a-artista ko." (Ethelwolda Ramos, Malaya)

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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