Manila, Jan. 30, 2003 - A psychic who predicted the ouster of President Joseph Estrada, the death of two congressmen and the outbreak of the Gulf War in the early ’90s said yesterday President Arroyo herself would become a victim of a power grab being orchestrated by people within the circle of power in Malacañang.

Danilo Atienza, a corporate psychic, told reporters during the weekly Fernandina Forum in Greenhills in San Juan that if the President fails to control the situation by midyear, she will suffer the fate of Estrada, who was forced to leave Malacañang after a revolt in January 2000.

"I had warned President Estrada of the same situation but he ignored it," Atienza said.

He said, however, that as of this time, the negative trend against Mrs. Arroyo is still reversible. "If she can make the necessary counter-move, she will overcome the crisis."

Atienza attributed the negative trend to what he calls the "OS" and "EL" factors that control the fate of the President of the Republic.

He said most presidents who were not influenced by the OS and EL did not finish their terms or barely survived a crisis situation that could have led to their ouster.

Other presidents who did not have the OS and EL factors were Emilio Aguinaldo, Ramon Magsaysay Sr. and Corazon Aquino.

Aguinaldo did not finish his term while Magsaysay died in a plane crash. Aquino, on the other hand, had to contend with seven coup attempts.

In the case of Mrs. Arroyo, he said her hardest challenge is yet to come.

Of all the presidents, President Fidel Ramos had the greatest influence because he possessed both the EL and OS factors, Atienza said. "Ramos could be back as president if he manages to exploit the positive vibration."

Among the presidentiables, the OS and EL factors favor Sen. Aquilino Pimentel, Manuel Villar and Speaker Jose de Venecia, he pointed out.

"Other candidates who do not possess the OS and EL have little or no chance at all of winning."

Atienza also said he foresees the death of two senators this year one by illness, the other, a violent death, possibly through an assassination. The former is an admistration senator while the other is a member of the opposition.

He also predicts war to break out in the Middle East and that 2003 to 2005 will be a hard time for Filipinos.

By 2006, however, the Philippines will recover from its economic woes and would become the "richest country" in Asia because of the discovery of what he called the "fuel of the future" in Mindanao.

During the forum, Atienza showed clippings of the Pilipino Star Ngayon, dated Dec. 29, 2000, which carried an article on his predictions on the Estrada presidency.

His prediction about the death of two members of the House of Representatives Reps. Marcial Punzalan and Hilarion Ramiro were also published.

" I hope President Arroyo will heed to my warning. She has still the time to reverse the negative trends," he said, without elaborating. (By Perseus Echeminada, Star)

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