MANILA, December 16, 2002 (STAR) by Jannelle So - Winning and wedding:  I reached Jason Webb playing for Tanduay when I was starting out my career in sportscasting. The first thing that will strike you about Jason is his looks. Of course, with any female standards, his appeal was up there. But thatís not all that endeared him to his many fans during his playing days. Iíve always admired the way he played ball. He always gave his all. Aside from handling the leather well, he had the agility to escape his defenders and create plays for his teammates. He has always exuded toughness. And thatís the way most of us probably remember him now since he stopped playing last year.

However, that image of him was somehow erased and replaced after witnessing the exquisite matrimonial ceremonies in Subic last Saturday. It was a very touching scene. Claudine Trillo was a picture of a radiant bride right when she entered the family-owned St. Therese Chapel in Crown Peak Garden Resort, Cubi point. We know her from her numerous television commercials and print ads but I must say that picture of hers as she was walking down the aisle was the loveliest. Everyone was just awed at how beautiful she was. And then it happened. While everyone was holding their breath, waiting for a tear or two to fall down from Claudineís eyes, the dashing groom stole the show by wiping his own tears with a white handkerchief! (At least he came prepared.) "Bata pa lang ako pinapanood ko na si Julie Vega at Janice de Belen," he retorted when teased about it.

After the simple ceremonies, the guests were whisked off into a terrace leading to the scenic Apec Summit Garden. Coacktails were served while we marveled at the magnificent view of the bay from on top. Everyone was simply having a good time. When it was time to eat, we were led to the lovely garden for the reception. Flowers were in full bloom, as if reflecting the festive mood. During her speech, Claudine kept on thanking her dad for the wonderful arrangements he made. She referred to him as the master wedding planner.

Food was sumptuous. Every detail was taken care of. Wines, of course, overflowed courtesy of Anthonyís. In his speech, former senator and PBA player Freddie Webb said it was the third wedding in the family and by then he thought he wouldíve gotten used to it. But no. He admitted that it was a different experience altogether.

The highlight of the night was Jasonís speech. As if crying in Church wasnít enough, he opened his speech with a very touching. "In all my life, Iíve always been competitive. To me, it was always about winning and losing. But since I met Claud, it has always been win-win-win for me." Everyone was quiet for a while. Even former PBA teammates who witnessed the affair couldnít believe that there was Jason, seemingly tough on the outside, was letting everyone in on how deeply he felt for his new bride.

"Ganyan talaga si Jason. Ang laki nga ng nabago. Before during practice, he would just ignore the calls he got from other girls. Pero nung si Claud na, text lang, nagpapaalam na sa akin. Aalis na daw siya," described former Tanduay coach, Alfrancis Chua. Also present was one of Jasonís best friends in Tanduay, Eric Menk. It was actually through him that Claudine and Jason met each other. Eric was dating Claudineís cousin, at that time. And Jason was blunt enough to tell her, "You know my forever crush is your cousin, Claudine." Luckily, Chesca took the hint and set both up as soon as Claud arrived from the States. Little did anyone know that that night would lead to more wonderful things for the two.

Also present were former teammates Bobby Jose and Elmer Lago who came with wife Karen. Alex Compton of the PBL was also one of the guests. With Claudineís stature as a model, TV host, and entrepreneur, and Jasonís as former PBA player and restaurateur, one wouldíve expected a big wedding with different personalities in the modeling, business, and even political scene. But there was hardly any of that. Only present were relatives and close friends who wished the newlyweds bliss in their married life. "I was worried that not too many people would make it for the wedding all the way here in Subic. But Iím so happy to see that everyone that matters is here," said Claudine. And thatís what made the wedding really intimate and special. I myself felt privileged at having been able to attend the lovely affair.

After dinner and at the cue of notable DJís Manolet Dario, David Jacob and Bombi Balquiedra, guests started to hit the dance floor at the terrace and party till sunrise. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I found Jason and pulled him aside. "Whatís next for you?" I asked. His simple answer was, "The only thing that keeps me busy is making Claud happy. And thatís not too easy because thatís a 24-hour job!"

Very well said. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you! May your union be blessed with enough love, joy, peace, security and of kids with Claudís looks for future models, and sonís with Jasonís skills for future ballers. But before that time comes, will we see Jason suiting up again for the PBA anytime soon? "I will only play again under this coach," was his answer, pointing at Coach Alfrancis beside him.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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