Manila, June 4, 2002 (STAR) Members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) can now access up-to-date transaction information with the state insurance fund via text messaging on Smart cellphones.

Dubbed "GSIS Info-Text," the new service allows GSIS members to access their outstanding loans balance, inquire about the status of their loan applications, and find out their maximum loanable amount directly through their Smart mobile phones.

The new service was developed by Diversified Financial News Network (DFNN) in cooperation with Smart Communications Inc.

"GSIS Info-Text is a clear example of how mobile digital communications can be used to improve the delivery of government services," said Napoleon Nazareno, Smart president and chief executive officer.

To use the service, GSIS members must first register by typing "GSIS REG <policy number> <last name>" (eg. GSIS REG 1234567890123 Dela Cruz, Juan), then send to Smart access number 248.

If the member wants to inquire about outstanding salary loan balance, he or she should type GSIS SLBAL. Keying in GSIS SLSTAT, meanwhile, will give the status of oneís salary loan application.

If the member wants to find out his or her maximum loanable amount, he or she types in GSIS SLAMT. All is sent to Smart access number 248.

"These are just some of the initial service offerings. In the next months, we intend to expand the service to include other GSIS transactions as well," said Winston Garcia, GSIS president and general manager.

"Info-Text will also serve as a cost-effective means to inform all our members of any updates to our system," he added.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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