Quezon City, May 2, 2002 (STAR) by Ricardo F. Lo - While bold actors easily and smilingly drop their pants at the shout of "Action!" and/or during beefcake pictorials, action stars actually agonize over the decision of whether or not to show even an inch of private flesh in their love scenes. If you notice, when action stars kiss (onscreen), they don’t slobber their partners, not even render the lip service with insatiable passion.

That’s why movie fans will be surprised when they watch Bong Revilla (as an NBI undercover agent) engage his leading lady Assunta de Rossi (as a bar girl), in a torrid love scene in their forthcoming movie, Kilabot at Kembot, maiden offering of Seven Stars Productions owned and managed by Bong and his six brothers and sisters (Marlon, Strike, Rowena, Princess, Andrea and Dianne).

Funfare won’t describe in detail that love scene. Suffice it to say that, for the first time, Bong agreed to bare his butt. It’s such a bold step for Bong that when his sister Andrea and company previewed the movie’s rushes, Andrea nearly fell off her seat, saying, "Si Kuya Bong ba talaga ’yan!?!"

"No," admitted Bong during a chat with movie writers, "I didn’t wear any plaster during the shooting, and neither did Assunta. But we were careful during the ‘take.’ Kaming dalawa na lang ang nagtakipan ng hindi dapat ipakita o makita."

Describing that scene as his sexiest to date, Bong said he was sure that the MTRCB would okay that scene (and give the movie an R-18 rating), but he wasn’t sure if his personal "censor" – his wife Lani Mercado, that is – would approve it. "I think it’s better for her not to watch the movie na lang," smiled Bong.

It must be Bong’s way of sharing with his public the thrill of having shed more than 25 pounds since last year when he ballooned to 210 due to idleness after the elections in May (he lost in his reelection bid for Cavite Governor). What Bong did was go into regular and rigorous workout (jogging, Thai boxing, etc.) and a more-protein-less carbo diet. He now looks as slim as a bold actor.

Kilabot at Kembot (showing simultaneously all over the country from May 29 to June 11), is Bong’s second post-election starrer, following the sex-comedy (Final Answer) he did with Rufa Mae Quinto he did with Rufa Mae Quinto. The movie’s good-box-office result and the consistent good rating of his GMA 7 sitcom Idol Ko si Kap (from which he went on leave during the campaign) are proof that the public has accepted Bong despite his election debacle.

Asked if he has plans for 2004, Bong simply smiled. No comment.

Bong’s exposed butt ("unpowdered," he joked, shown as is) is not the only thing new in Kilabot at Kembot. There’s also the improved logo of Seven Stars Productions which is actually carrying on the legacy the older Revilla (Sen. Ramon who’s now recuperating in San Francisco after undergoing a second surgery on the upper portion of his spinal column at Stanford University Hospital, where Rio Diaz-Cojuangco also had her surgery) left with his children. Ramon closed Imus Productions in 1989 when he prepared to enter politics after a 16-year operation and producing 31 movies (starting with Pepeng Agimat in 1973 and ending with Cris Cuenca).

"The two tigers in the logo represent my Dad and me," said, Bong citing the tiger’s qualities of superiority, dedication and strength as similar to those of his and his father (believed to have an agimat). "The seven rays of the sun represent the year Imus was put up (in the ’70s) and our promise to come up with good films. We are seven brothers and sisters and that explains why we decided to call our company Seven Stars."

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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