Quezon City, Sept. 29, 2001 - (BULLETIN by Crispina Martinez Belen) Action and dramatic actor Jestoni Alarcon is one of the local actors who can be said to be oozing with machismo, being tall and handsome and well, sexy too. After some time, Jestoni returns to the big screen, courtesy of Regal Entertainment, in a very different role.

In the movie entitled “Huli sa Akto,” Jestoni Alarcon plays a vagabond who comes upon a desolate town and later gets entangled in a messy situation. Because he becomes the object of “sensual redemption” by a very much married but tormented woman played by sexy Allona Amor.

Trouble starts the moment Jestoni finds himself working for Allona’s sadistic husband, played in the movie by Roy Alvarez. Because the moment Allona sets eyes on Jestoni, a sexual attraction sparks. Their passions are ignited and they begin trekking a path towards the forbidden.The situation is worsened by the fact that Allona’s hubby, besides being ruthless, is also the head of a human smuggling syndicate with unforgiving ways.

This Jun Posadas-megged movie has seduction, sadism and violence mixing with drama and suspense. Says Jestoni: “May malaking element of violence in the story that is mas exciting na sundan. Sa role ko kasi dito, ipapakita yung unti–unting pagkakasangkot sa isang masalimuot na situation that couldn’t be expected to happen in a small town. It will be shown how I get involved in a relationship that will cause big trouble for a married woman.”

Explaining further the situation, the director says: “This is a triangle of three emotions: true love, the desire for freedom and forbidden desire. Whatever triumphs in the end, yun ang magandang sundan sa pelikulang ito.” He adds that passionate sex is the theme of the movie and certainly emerging sex symbol Allona Amor is a big plus.

She and Jestoni have many sex scenes in “Huli sa Akto” and Allona does her scenes naturally. She says she has no qualms about baring flesh. “Never kong pinrublema ang paghuhubad, and especially so in this movie dahil maganda ang execution ni Direk Jun.”

Jestoni finds his co-star exciting and very different from his past leading ladies. “Malakas ang dating ni Allona. Among the young sexy stars, she stands out. Buo ang loob niya. May ibubuga sa akting. Lumalaban nang sabayan! She’ll go places as an actress.”

“Huli sa Akto” opens soon in Metro Manila theaters.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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